Summer Colors

July 19, 2014



This outfit is a combination of yellow, red, and orange all bright colors that are nice for the summer. To contrast with the bright orange and red I made sure my yellow skirt was more of a pale yellow than a super bright one to tone it down a bit.


I also found these blue flowers so I tried incorporating that into my background since it kinda matched my floral patterned blouse. It’s fun to play with angles and experiment a bit. I’ve always liked really artsy pictures and It’s definitely worth seeking out different backgrounds and ways to show your outfit which I’m trying to do more often!



Sorry  it was a pretty short post but I’m off to New York tomorrow for fashions summer classes so I’ll definitely be doing longer posts on that!

White on White

July 12, 2014



Okay so if you’ve noticed the background is pretty different from the usual and that is because I found this wonderful new spot! It’s in Omotesando area and at the very top floor of a shopping center called Tokyu Plaza. It looked so chic and trendy and very modern, abit garden-y type of outside area with lots of people stylishly sipping on coffee,  I just felt like It really went with my outfit. It wasn’t the best shooting time of the day as it was late afternoon but I still managed to get decent lighting I think.


I usually don’t wear white, I am actually not too fond of the color but recently I’ve been kinda more open to it. Maybe it’s because it’s hot and its summer but either way I’ll try to be incorporating more white. I’m also into like matching set outfits these days. Its really really super popular in Japan. I swear every store they always sell things in sets, as in matching pattern top and bottom or they basically have an outfit put together for you as a set with a discounted price. I’ve never seen this kind of marketing/sales in America but I don’t know its usually a pretty good deal.


Every time I wear white I always feel it’s so sophisticated and classy or ladylike and thats why I kept this outfit simple. As you can see I used more pastel or muted colors with my light blue bag and taupe-ish heels. Speaking of my shoes they are my favorite pair right now! The taupe brown color is a great neutral color that really can go with a lot of my outfits and the best part are that they are so comfy! They’re pretty high and chunky heels but they don’t make my feet tired and the material is suede and super nice.



Due to the lack of eye popping bright colors in this outfit I accessorized with my favorite pair of sunglasses! It just fit perfectly on my face and it has nose pads so it doesn’t fall down like a lot of sunglasses usually do, due to my flat nose…and It’s summer so I wear sunglasses all the time. I’ve always liked how it always made me feel cool like a celebrity or something, hehe childish I know but’s true.

I really can’t believe it’s already nearly the end of July! Time is going by way too fast.

Want to be Queen B

July 4, 2014


 Do you like my post title ? It’s pretty catchy isn’t it ? and it rhymes too! Basically this outfit is heavily inspired by Blair Waldorf or Queen B from Gossip girl. I’m a huge huge huge fan of her, the show, their fashion everything! I basically fangirl every time I meet someone who is into the show just as much as I am! If you guys don’t know Blair then I suggest you go watch the show.. like right now!

Seriously Blair has impeccably style and it makes me want to copy almost every outfit (without losing my own sense of style of course).



Not exactly the Met steps in New York but hey, I tried


What I really love about this dress is that it’s really versatile. You could but a bandeau under it for more of a summer-y look or a tank top, crop top, shirts, lots of options!

Here I went for that school girl type look with a white blouse. Then I realized it looked a bit plain so then I used a ribbon from a different shirt I had and tied it into a tie and just tucked it in and voila!


The headband was the most blair inspired since she actually did wear a yellow headband with a navy school girl type of outfit in the show and pairing the outfit with a red bag to top it off.. well I didn’t wanna look too red white and blue you know ? So I thew in a dark green bag to go with it !


Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer ! Comments always make me happy (even if I don’t always reply, sorry! I’m working on that) so comment comment comment and send me emails too! I would love to make blogger friends or just meet fashion or Gossip Girl fans! (:

KYOTO Trip 2014 Part 2

July 2, 2014


Now for the second part of the trip is focused on the food! I would have millions of pictures because trust me I ate a lot but  I was too busy actually eating to take any more pictures. We stayed at a traditional ryokan which are traditional Japanese “hotels” usually associated with hot springs. Upon checking in they serve you tea and small sweets, some kind of wagashi (japanese sweets like dango) usually. That’s the first picture above, green tea and manju with red bean paste inside.


The second picture was during dinner which as customary, is brought to your room. An entire course with usually 6 or 7 dishes in small portions are brought, it’s called kaiseki.


We also went to a river restaurant for lunch during our 2nd day. Don’t freak out about the picture, I know it may look gross or inviting to some of you but nevertheless it is delicious. It’s a cooked/grilled river fish and it is very normal to see these types of dishes in Kyoto. Back to the river restaurant. It’s in an area of Kyoto called Kibune which is very famous for their many restaurants by the river. You are so close to the water you can touch it! It’s perfect during the summer as it’s very refreshing and cool. There’s also many restaurants you can choose from that are built on different parts of the river! I’ve been to two of them but they were both amazing! This is the one I went to this time




I also stopped by a little cafe on one of the streets and these are the three things my friends and I ordered. Yes, they are all green tea flavored! I swear I had so much green tea during this trip. It was everywhere, not that I mind since I love green tea anything. I think I had green tea soft cream at least three times! The top picture is green tea ice cream with pound cake, the second is a green tea parfait and the third is green tea shave ice that came with red pean paste, jelly, and shiratama (type of mochi) My friends and I finished everything down to the last bite and we weren’t even that hungry! One thing about Japanese sweets I really enjoy is that they aren’t too sweet usually and the green tea taste was so authentic (at least in Kyoto).

So basically that’s all the food pictures I took, I know it’s not a lot but I hope it still helped you get a little idea of my trip!

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Perfect Summer Lips with 3ConceptEyes Review

June 28, 2014


I know the title sounds a little funny… summer lips with 3concept “eyes” but 3 Concept Eyes is actually a brand that I have been absolutely loving recently and for a while now. I’ve already talked about StyleNanda a couple times, and I am still obsessed with that but, 3concepteyes is their makeup brand.


I’ve mainly only tried out their lipsticks shown above but they have a lot of other cosmetic items as well. But today I’ll be just blogging about their lipsticks which I think are perfect for light summer lips. I know the colors look fairly similar but trust me they are all different shades of peachy pinks and corals. The lipsticks are super creamy, about $20 and what I really love about them is that they give just enough color to keep your makeup looking light and bright (oh rhymes) and they are not sticky at all.



This is my attempt to try to show you guys the color of the lipsticks on my lips but because of lack of lightening or yellow lightening etc It was pretty hard to get an accurate color but you can kind of tell right?



The colors that I bought are all light pinks, peaches, and corals. I think they are great summer colors for your lips and when I saw them or the website I just had to get them right away. I found many of the shades to be perfectly what I like. But, for those of you who like rockin darker shades they do have a variety of fusias, reds, and even purple shades! I’ve ordered a couple more darker pinks for the fall season.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.31.38 PM

Since It’s hard to see the colors well in my pictures here are the picture from the website. There are what the colors actually look like under perfect lighting. Don’t worry I’ve tried these lipsticks out for myself and the colors don’t fail. The pictures are pretty accurate!

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.32.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.33.25 PM

Literally these are the pictures that made me want to get the lipsticks. The colors were just gorgeous and looking at their lips I thought it to be perfect for summer. I promise I wasn’t paid, this isn’t sponsored or anything. It’s just my honest review on the lipsticks.

Oh and I’ll be posting part 2 of my kyoto trip next week so don’t forget to check back ! (:



Style Positive

Every day we get bombarded with conflicting messages. “Accept yourself!” then, “Do better!” OK. Do I accept myself, or do I try to be better? Ug. Who knows? Anyway, even if you’re not sure which direction to go, being positive about it will make your journey a lot nicer. This week we get down to the essence of style. No, that’s not your wardrobe… it’s YOU. So take a deep breath, and read these posts, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better.

Links a la Mode: July 3rd

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KYOTO Trip 2014 Part 1

June 20, 2014


This is my first post that is actually non fashion or beauty related, hope you guys are okay with that ! I’m basically doing a recap of my Kyoto trip that I went to last week. I went with my two friends from China (one of them being my roommate back at school). It’s not my first time going to Kyoto but you can never get tired of it! Kyoto is definitely a popular tourist stop for those who really want to get the full cultural and traditional japanese experience.




I mean look at these amazing streets. Talk about having a time lapse! A lot of the houses, buildings, temples are hundreds of years old. It really made us want to get some Yukatas (traditional summer type kimonos) and walk around but then we realized it was way to hot 30 degrees and above!


Walking around on the streets you can run into some Maikos (舞妓), basically they are like geishas which are more well known, but Maikos are usually 15-20 years old and become geishas after this period of training. For those of you who don’t know what a geisha is, they are traditional Japanese dancers or entertainers. 



The pictures above are just some pictures I took around  shrines and temples we visited. The first picture you see is a place that is used to wash hands with the cold spring water. It felt really nice because of the hot weather.




These pictures are all from a shrine that we visited. If you don’t know the difference between a shrine or a temple, a shrine is associated with shintoism which is the traditional japanese religion while temples are usually associated with Buddhism. Of course there are many other features that differentiate them but I consider this the basic.

 In the first picture, there are couple types of candles that says different things such as health or studies and you pick one and light it up to pray for whatever the candle says. In our case we picked the student/studies one since my friend and I are going into college soon. The second picture is also somewhat similar, you buy one of those wooden boards called “Ema” in japanese and you basically write down your wish.  The third picture shows omikuji which is where you get your fortune. You pay about 100-300 yen and shake the wooden box, flip it over and out comes a number. You then give this number to one of the people who work at the shrine and they give you a piece of paper that has your fortune written that goes from great luck/fortune to really bad luck



Lastly, right before leaving Kyoto we rode the jinrikisha which is basically like a pulled cart. It is an old type of human transportation but now it is widely popular as rides taken by many tourists. There are many times to choose from anywhere between 1-3hrs and the people take you around Kyoto and you can enjoy great scenic routes while enjoying the breeze! Going on a jinrikisha is definitely one of my favorite things to do! You can also find these in Asakusa in Tokyo as well!

A shorter Part 2 (the food part) of the trip will be posted sometime next week so don’t forget to check back !



Pretty Colorful

June 14, 2014



It feels like its been forever since I last blogged but actually it has been two weeks. After getting used to posting consistently every week it felt horrible to miss one! I’m sorry I didn’t get to do a post last week but I have went on a trip with my friends to Kyoto and Osaka! I’ll do a blog post about that soon ! (my first non-fashion related post). It was really hot during the trip, Its basically 30 degrees F or over here nearly everyday!


As you can see this outfit is really colorful and bright but it doesn’t look too overwhelming or clashy (atleast to me) because I stuck with a base color in mind, orange and yellow. I feel like every summer orange is a very on trend color and I always have to incorporate it into my outfits.


I’m really loving these Jeffrey campbell shoes too. It’s definitely great statement shoes with their big bulky platforms and also great for short people like me who need a huge boost to make my legs look nice and long! I got them a while ago but the colors matched up perfectly with my blouse and skirt.



Minty Mint

May 31, 2014



It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday here in Tokyo ! Seriously it been close to 30 degrees F everyday and it’s not even June yet! I’m even kind of scared for July since that’s when it’s usually the hottest! Anyway back to the outfit. Basically I used a lot of colors in this outfit from the navy top to the mint skirt to the pink bag and my floral shoes! Besides the navy I stuck with lots of light and pastel colors which definitely give this a more feminine and soft look.


I’ve always really liked the color mint although I don’t wear it too often. I feel like incorporating the color into your outfit can really make it look elegant and sophisticated. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because it always reminds me of tiffany’s and their little blue boxes. (Is it blue or can it be considered like mint-y?) Anyone else feel that way?

Also oops…two random grandpas in the background…


Here’s a picture of my pink bag as for some reason in every picture I took you can’t even see the bag…I kept holding it to the side and forgot to make sure it could be seen!


You can tell a little from this picture but my color contacts kind of match my mint/light blue skirt! Looks kind of cool doesn’t it? I should do try doing that more often, matching my contacts to my outfits..maybe.. In case any of you are wondering, I don’t wear the contacts just for accessory they are real prescription ones since my eyesight is horrible! They’re not circle lens either


Here’s a close up picture of the skirt. I wanted to point out the floral-ish details on the skirt. Adds a nice little touch!


These shoes are probably my favorite part of this outfit. Actually they’re probably my favorite pair of shoes at the moment! I just love the floral design and the use of light pastel colors on these shoes in addition to the ankle straps and pointed toe design. The only thing I honestly have to say is that they are not the most comfortable shoes or the best shoes when walking a lot so I can’t wear it as often as I would like to but nevertheless I still adore them!


So what summer trends have you guys been rockin? Any favorite items or accessories (like my shoes!) this summer?

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

May 25, 2014



With the month well into May and June approaching the weather is definitely heating up! Although I do love summer I won’t give up my love for layering outfits with cardigans, jackets, blazers etc ! I could have worn this outfit without anything over it with the weather being warm enough but this floral blazer was just too perfect. It’s light pink color is perfect for both spring and summer and the material is pretty thin, so  it convenient to have for when it gets to night and the temperature goes down.



But of course for during the day I would wear it simply over my shoulders like what I’m doing in the picture above. I’ve seriously recently been obsessed with wearing jackets and cardigans in this style where you just lightly put if over the shoulders It’s really nice because you can still show of your outerwear without actually wearing it! I noticed this style at first from Korean fashion. I noticed every time that Korean celebrities tend to wear their outerwear like this. Probably  because it emphasizes the illusion of broad defined shoulders. I think it makes outfits look more edgy.  But it definitely wouldn’t work unless you used jackets with some type of shoulder padding or else it would most likely keep falling off and it would just irritate you!


As an example, here is actress Jeon Ji-Hyun ! She recently was in the drama “You who came from the stars”, if you guys are also K Drama fans like me I’m sure you’ve heard of it, if not go check it out ! I am in love with that drama and the fashion in it too! One of the lipsticks featured in the drama from YSL sold out completely after appearing in the show!


Time for florals

May 17, 2014

2022-02-03 03.40.32.jpg.jpg


I finished all my testing and school and now it’s official summer for me! Of course I still have a lot of studying to do but I would never give up fashion or blogging for it! It feels good to be able to use bright colors and florals more and more as it gets into the summer months. The floral skirt really pops out and it’s pretty eye catching isn’t it? But to even it out I used a simple and calm sleeveless blouse on top. But even the simple blouse has great ruffle details giving off a more feminine feel.

2022-02-03 03.25.14.jpg

(Yes my face is blurred out, it’s because of the settings so that it only focused on a certain point)

The really great thing about clothing items that have so many colors in it, like my skirt above is that it allows you to use all those different colors for the rest of your outfit, like my yellow headband and orange bag with my brown shoes and neutral blouse. I don’t need to just stick to one color. There’s so much mixing and matching to be done!

Next week I’ll finally be back in Japan and I can start shooting more outfits so please keep checking back every Friday/Saturday!

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