Couture Crushin: Layering Lace Trend

July 10, 2016


As the title says, one of my recent obsessions have been layering lace! Specifically, layering see through lace over a plain white t-shirt like I did above, or a collared blouse. It is a pretty big summer trend in Asia, such as Korea and Japan. When I went shopping in Tokyo I saw it everywhere on the mannequins. Some shops were even selling it as a two-piece set, making it cheaper to buy both the lace top and shirt rather than individually.



Here’s a look at the full outfit! Now of course you can pair the lace top with a blank bandeau or bralette, but I personally prefer the look that this type of layering gives. It also goes really well with my white wedges. The white really pops well against the pink skirt.


IMG_2266 (1)

I also am loving how much romantic and feminine vibes are given off with the pairing of the lace and bright pink. The skirt definitely is a great statement piece, which is why I kept the rest of my look monochromatic. I also know monochromatic and minimalistic are very trending right now, but I can never let go of my colors!

Are you guys really into the monochrome and minimalistic trends right now or do you prefer more details and color? Maybe a little bit of both?

CoutureCrushin: Summer 2016 Trends

June 29, 2016

The heat of summer is finally here, and with it comes the breezy, flirty, skin-baring silhouettes of the warm-weather months. Here are four pieces you need to keep your wardrobe on-trend this summer season, from casual classics to bold pieces perfect for summertime celebrations.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

Collage_Fotor 4.52.53 PM

Legs aren’t the only body part that deserves the spotlight during the summer season. For an alternate skin-baring style that’s a tad more subtle than the mini skirt, try an off-the-shoulder neckline. The uber-popular silhouette highlights the collarbone for a finish that is equal parts sexy and sweet, not to mention universally flattering. If you’re not quite ready to flaunt it all in a completely off-the-shoulder top, Stitch Fix suggests a cold-shoulder top. The peek-a-boo cutouts reveal just enough shoulder while keeping the rest of your arms covered.

White Sneakers

white sneakers_lyst
There’s nothing like bringing back a classic, especially when the style in question happens to be crisp white sneakers. As Lyst reveals, the trend encompasses everything from timeless brands (think the classic white Adidas) to modern, directional reworks. Unlike the trainers you wear to the gym, these stark-white kicks can be paired with anything, whether it’s distressed denim or a mini skirt. Dress them up (and make them office-appropriate) by wearing with a blazer and trousers that hit at the ankle. Or, for a look that mixes the sporty vibe of the white sneaker with decidedly girly pieces, pair with a midi dress or skirt (opt for one with a full or flowy shape to make the sneakers pop even more).

Slip Dress


A minimalist staple of this season and the next, the slip dress is a must-have that needs to be hanging in your closet. With its light and airy silhouette, you can easily throw one on with a pair of sandals or flats on a super-hot day without fear of sweating to death. If you want a bit more coverage when wearing the slinky style, layer a basic white T-shirt beneath your slip or top with a lightweight chambray button-down tied at the waist.

Flat Mules


For a summer footwear option that’s a bit dressier than a sneaker or flip flop—but just as comfortable—go with the flat mule. With the same retro ’70s vibe as its platform counterpart, this flat version of the trendy style offers the ultimate versatility, thanks to its walking-friendly design. Pair the barely-there slides with a maxi for a night out on the town, or, as Today recommends, wear your flat mules with cropped or slim denim for the ultimate weekend look.

*This is a Guest Post by Rachel Hettinger

Links à la Mode, July 7


June 23, 2016


I am now no longer in Tokyo, and I’m spending the rest of the summer in Philly. Along with writing for my blog and for CollegeFashionista, I’ll being doing an internship here and I’m planning to get a job. I know I mentioned in an earlier blog post about how I would do the Parsons x Teen Vogue program, but that may be delayed depending on how busy I get. Either way hopefully it’ll be a productive summer!

CIMG3753 (1)

As the title suggests, I aimed for simplicity in this outfit. It is simple with less patterns and accessories as usual, nevertheless it’s all in the details. I’ve also always loved the combination of navy blue and white. I think they complement so well don’t you think?

I love the detailing on this navy blouse. The white collar and the zipper neckline really makes a difference to it. It stood out to me right away when I first saw it. The collared blouse makes it a classic but the zipper adds a little twist. Its definitely something you can dress up and wear formally or dress it down with, say a pair of jeans.


Lastly, I also wanted to keep the emphasis on my lace up flats! Lace ups are super trending right now, which I’m sure you were aware of, so how could I not join the trend. I know you probably can’t tell from the picture, but the flats are made of velvet material. The velvet makes it perfect for wearing it in the colder seasons (if its not too cold).  The only con of lace ups or at least the particular ones I’m wearing, is that it is troublesome to put on and off and if not tied right the laces come undone easily.

This was a fairly short post than usual, but keep an eye out for my next one! I’ve got some great summer style shots coming up! aka higher quality photos.

Pastel Pinks

June 8, 2016



Its finally feeling like summer as I lighten up the colors of my wardrobe! I’ve always loved this pastel muted pink color, but I’ve definitely noticed that it has been increasingly popular this year. It’s a nice feminine color that isn’t overwhelming and definitely complements the darker shorts I’m wearing. The shorts give a fun flirty vibe with the bottoms flaring out, instead of a straight cut, which I really like.


I recently went shopping in Daikanyama and found these perfect white heels. I noticed that literally almost all of the shoes I own are black (just because it can match with almost anything), but with the summer season, a pair of white heels was just what I needed. Not to mention these are platforms making it super comfortable to walk in despite the heel being about 5 inches. It’s also quite flattering for my rather uhh… short height and legs.

CIMG3722 (1)


One thing that did bother me is that my camisole because of its silky material tends to wrinkle up when tucked into my shorts. So, although I prefer it tucked in, it is also easily wearable worn out like in the above picture. It does hide the shorts a bit more than my liking, but it id another option.

Floral and the Trending Choker

May 30, 2016



Contrasting to my last outfit post, finally a summer outfit! I’m loving this floral printed button down crop top from Emoda and it definitely gives off spring/summer vibes without being too bright, which is good for those of you who like to keep a more black/darker toned palette. I can also easily brighten up the outfit by pairing it with perhaps a red or white bottoms.

I personally love that it complements my hair, as I recently dyed it a darker brown with pink undertones, although it can look pretty red in some lighting.



Lastly, what definitely ties the outfit together is this thick choker I have. It makes a great simple statement piece. In the beginning I didn’t really wear chokers, as trendy as they are, because I felt that it didn’t fit my style plus I thought it made my face look rounder. But, I’ve learned to slowly incorporate them here and there and am pretty happy with it.

I’ve always questioned if something appeals to me because it is simply trendy or because I genuinely like it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. What do you guys think? Do you feel that way?

Thrifted Coat + Upcoming Teen Vogue x Parsons Program

May 11, 2016


It’s been forever since I blogged and I’m so glad I finally have time to blog again! Now that I’ve finished freshman year of college, I can devote the summer to getting my blog up and running once again. Thank you for being patient! But, as you can tell this outfit was taken back in December. One more winter outfit before the transition into summer clothing.

As you can see from the above picture (kinda?), since I posted my last style post I’ve dyed my hair grey! Even by this time it was already fading and yellowing, as you can see on the ends. It was a great experience transitioning into a cool toned hair color, which I never done before. With the grey hair I had to adjust to matching my outfits to go with my hair, thus the navy/blue/white colors. Getting to the grey from the red brown hair I had before was such a long process. I had to bleach my already damaged hair twice! It was pretty rough on my hair so now I’m working to get it healthy again and I’ll be redoing my hair next week so keep an eye out for a post on that!



This coat, as mentioned in the post title is thrifted! I went thrifting in Shimokitazawa with my friend, and I had never thrifted in Tokyo before so that was fun and I found this navy coat. Its pretty thin lining so I could see myself wearing it in the fall as well. I really liked the cocoon shape and most of my winter coats are very structured so I was looking for something different.

One surprising thing though, well.. maybe not that surprising? Thrifting in Tokyo is actually pretty expensive. I’ve thrifted in Philly before and most things are around the $1-$15 range, but at least in Shimokita it was about 2,000-5,000 yen, which is almost the same price range if you had went shopping at regular stores in Shibuya or Harajuku.



So lastly… I am planning to start a fashion certificate program run by Parsons and Teen Vogue. You may have heard of it or seen it somewhere, although it is still fairly new. It’s basically a 10 week program (you are given one year to complete it though) that covers the different aspects of the fashion industry. Since I won’t be doing too much this summer I thought it was a perfect time to start. I wanted to take this program early so that I can figure out sooner what part of the industry I would want to work in. You can find out more about the program here.

I’ll be starting the program sometime around June-July and plan to finish by the end of August. I’m planning to blog about the process and my experience, either in two parts of as I complete each section. So be on a lookout for that soon on my blog !

Warby Parker Fall 2015 Collection

September 14, 2015

Fall 15 Lookbook-page-001

First of all its been over three months since my last post! I’ve finally moved in and settled into college so I’ll be able to regularly post every week again (every Friday/Saturday). Now that its September its finally starting to feel like fall and I am beyond excited. It’s my first time experiencing the fall season outside of Hawaii!  I’m glad that my first post in a while is a new brand that I recently discovered called Warby Parker. Although they did reach out to me, in no way is this post sponsored nor am I getting anything from them and everything is my honest opinion.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Warby Parker, it is a sunglasses and eyewear company that was founded in 2010 that aim to provide high quality designer eyewear for lower pricing by cutting out the middleman. Their in-house designs are absolutely amazing vintage inspired frames and their Fall 2015 collection launched just last Thursday proves it! Read all about how the glasses are made and designed here 

Their new collection includes rich reds, golden browns, cool greys, and other mellow hues that really capture the essence of autumn. One of the best things about this company is that they are partnered with VisionSpring, a non profit organization that trains low income men and women and Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses for every frame sold.

Fall 15 Lookbook-page-008 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-007 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-006 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-005 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-004 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-003 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-011 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-010 Fall 15 Lookbook-page-009



Pink on Pink

May 31, 2015


I know it’s summer now so I should start posting more summer-y outfits but here is one from back in the spring! This is definitely one of my favorite outfits as I find it comfortable but also simple and chic. Bright pink is also a color that I do like but I never find myself wearing it on a day to day basis and so I’ve always wanted to incorporate it more.



I was definitely excited when I bought this oversized cocoon coat from Stylenanda. It has a very fuzzy texture and is wool-like making it very warm and comfortable. The largeness of the coat also makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a large blanket. Most of my other other coats are very form fitting because of my small frame and height usually large coats just are too much for me but this one was an exception.

To balance with the loose fitting coat I paired it with a form fitting black top and matching pink pencil skirt. I was lucky that the color of the coat and skirt matched so well!


The bright pink draws most of the attention in the outfit that I didn’t want to have it clash with lots of other colors and so I stuck with black and white for my bag and shoes. You can see from the side that my pumps have a white chunky block heel which goes really well with my checkered bag (yay more geometric shapes!)


To top it off, my pink lipstick to match. Not to mention I like that my red brown hair complements the pink in the outfit!

Red Cape Blazer

May 9, 2015


I’m in love with this red cape blazer that I got from Nasty Gal! I really love cape coats so when I found this blazer I was really excited. It’s really great for layering and It can easily be used for colder seasons like the fall but also for spring and summer depending on whether you wear long sleeves or short underneath.



The blazer really ended up giving this outfit a polished off look, especially paired with the blouse.


Have you also noticed the unique shape of my Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalkers? If you look carefully you can see that it basically has no heels. The shoe is designed so that the pressure of your foot is on the platform, but it’s extremely comfortable. I know it looks unconventional and at first I was scared I would tip over but it hasn’t happened.. well at least not yet. They are extremely comfortable to walk in and because of it’s design I definitely get a lot of stares walking around. Aside from the shape the design is really simply, similar to just black pumps so it makes it easy to pair with outfits, not to mention it makes me more than 10cm taller!


 I also added a read headband to finish off. It barely shows though since it pretty much blends in with my red-brown hair, but I mainly used it to keep my puffy hair under control.


Gingham and Plaid

May 1, 2015


Today’s outfit is a pretty preppy looking outfit with the plaid, gingham, and collared blouse. The main point of the outfit was to mixing patterns, the detailed plaid skirt paired gingham pattern from my bag. What I also liked was how the skirt pattern is very fine and detailed while the gingham contrasts it with the more block-y design. I also really like wearing red even more these days because it matches my hair color which is really well captured in the light in this picture!



You can get a better look of the bag in this picture. I really love the monochrome gingham pattern. I’ve noticed it’s really in season this spring (it’s almost summer now…) but I’ve seen it at brands like DVF, Dolce, and Prada.



I kept the top part pretty simple but the small rhinestone detailing on this collar adds just enough and keeps it pretty feminine. It’s a pretty warm outfit overall since it was still pretty chilly in Japan at this time but without the knit sweater over the blouse it’s a good transitional outfit into warmer weather!

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