Hair Crush!: Wine Red for Winter

December 14, 2014

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Its finally December and the holidays are just around the corner, well basically they’re already here. I feel like everything is all christmas themed everywhere I look and it just makes me more and more excited ! Today I’m doing a different kind of post, I’ll be blogging about my new hair color. As you can tell from the title, I dyed it a wine red-brown color. I was really inspired by Hyoseong from Secret (kpop grroup). She has amazing red brown hair in their recent music videos and I was so ready to change my hair color! What’s great about this hair is that under the sun light , like in the picture above it looks red but under regular lighting its barely noticeable. Pretty sneaky, it only “reveals” its color under really bright light!



My hair started out looking like this, I never even dyed my hair this light brown but the color really faded being under the sun a lot (obviously, easy to happen in Hawaii). My hair grew really long and it was also quite messy, I really needed this hair change.




See how different it looks under inside lightning versus outside? It almost looks black here, or a really really dark brown. But that’s why I like it, it’s subtle and I didn’t want my hair full on red of course.

Processed with VSCOcam


Processed with VSCOcam


I think this color is really rich and dark without being black, that it goes well for winter. New look for this season!



Anyone else changing their look for the winter season? Or are there any special hair colors that you are into recently? I know that violet is also a color people are turning to these days! (Not sure If I’d ever try it though)




Trending Flash Tattoos: A New Beach Accessory

November 24, 2014

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I’m not sure if any of you have heard of flash tattoos but they are something I’ve been seeing everywhere, well at least where I live. I’ve tried it out for myself (in the above picture!). It’s been a couple months since I’ve seen this trending but I still decided its not too late to blog about it and just introduce it to those who haven’t seen these around. Flash tattoos are basically just tattoos. Remember those fake easy to apply tattoos that I’m sure all of us as kids would put on? It’s exactly that. You apply it by sticking them onto your skin by dabbing water and they last for about a week (well depending on how hard you scrub at it or scratch it etc).



The main attraction of these “tattoos” are the metallic, gold and silver aspect of it that make them reflect in the sunlight. This is because the tattoos are jewelry inspired and thus, makes for a great accessory for pretty much anyone. What makes it extremely trendy here in Hawaii is the fact that everyone who goes to the beach can flaunt these flash tattoos in their bikinis and basically take cool instagram pictures (at least for people my age) But, you’ve got to admit looking at the above picture the contrast looks gorgeous and the designs are detailed and intricate that it does look pretty cool right?


There’s also many designs ranging from simple, modern, clean styles, geometric or tribal, bohemian, to even some designs like the one in the picture above. These designs, paired with the reflective, shiny look make it a great fashion statement accessory and I would say it’s worth trying. I could see flash tattoos fitting many different occasions, from the beach or pool to concerts and parties (I could imagine seeing these everywhere at music festivals like Coachella!) It’s a little hard to imagine these for occasions high class dinner parties but other than that there’s many ways to mix and match the designs to fit the occasion.



You can mostly get these at !

Are these popular in your area too?


Cozy & Chic

For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! While we’re all laying around the house waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven, or rooting for their favorite dog to win the National Dog Show, or rooting for their favorite football team, or playing Just Dance on the Wii, just because we’re getting cozy today doesn’t mean we’re not chic. Cozy up to this week’s roundup and have a wonderful day!

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Floral on Floral

November 16, 2014

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It’s already November and no this isn’t exactly a fall/winter outfit…It’s a little late for me to be posting a outfit from late summer but hey fashion is always one season ahead right?  and florals are always good, even in the winter in my opinion. Here I’m wearing a floral skort (its not actually a skirt) that’s silk material with abstract flowers for a print I guess you could say. What definitely drew me to this skirt was the solid back used, it’s not too bright or floral-y and provides a nice contrast and balance.

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What made me most excited about this skirt was that I realized it literally matched my Jeffrey Campbell heels so perfectly! They’re literally matching with the black and red scheme and florals. Also one of the trends I was dying to try was the floral on floral that I was seeing around often. Matching my floral skirt and floral shoes (which I thought was pretty unique) was a great way to try it out. Thus, I opted for a plain black top. No way I was going floral on floral on floral (x3!).

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You can see my floral heels really well in the above picture too. I really like the way the shoes and skirt flow together and I was able to still incorporate more colors with the mustard yellow cardigan and gray blue handbag. It’s interesting though because the yellow isn’t something I usually wear and I feel like not many people have a pleasant impression of the “mustard yellow” but it definitely pop well here don’t you think?

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

*Turns around .. What? … is basically what is happening in this picture but I thought showing the outfit from the back angle would be good so I included it.

I’ll be back with more season appropriate outfits soon, I’m really excited because I love winter fashion! There’s so much layering you can do. It’s even getting colder here in Hawaii, but dressing up in winter outfits in Japan is where the fun will begin for me (:

CoutureCrush: Red Valentino Once Upon a Time 2014 Autumn Collection

November 9, 2014


Hey guys! I’m back to blogging on a weekly basis now for the most part and I am back with a new idea that I may start dong on a regular basis. I, of course love to do my usual outfit posts but I want to bring in more elements in to blog. I was thinking of doing posts called “couture crush” which fits in perfectly, as its the name of my blog. Once in a while I thought of reviewing new, unique collections that I am “crushing” on from different brands. My first one is Red Valentino’s Fall/Autumn collection this year.

I’m absolutely loving the clutch in the above picture! Not to mention that little smirk on the model’s face. It really works well don’t you think?



Now if it isn’t obvious already, it is a snow white fairytale theme. The use of apples, red and yellow, the fun background, not to mention the bow headband on the model which is consistent throughout the look book. Everything comes together really well and does a great job with sticking solidly to the theme. It’s such a fun collection and I love the pop-art backgrounds which really bring out the character-like, fantasy theme.  It reminds me of  a Marvel comic book! It also has bright primary colors of blue, red, yellow, even for being a fall collection.



Even though the collection is more cute and playful it still does a good job of mixing in edgier, grunge time elements in some of the looks, like that leather jacket paired with oxfords or the oversized wool coat! I love that a lot of the pieces are wearable and practical even it being fairy tale like. I can definitely incorporate it into my wardrobe and everyday pieces, like that yellow pleated skirt or the green and red sweater below. Of course the pricing of Red Valentino isn’t the most affordable, it still serves as a fun inspiration to play around with! Not to mention since I am watching the show Once Upon a Time I am in a fantasy mood myself.


If you want to see the full collection go to and check it out!

What do you guys think? Would you like these kind of posts too? Level comments below and let me know please (:

30 Facts About Me + Giveaway! $50 Gift Card

November 2, 2014


It’s been nearly two months since my last post ! I’ve been really busy with exams and applying to college that I took a blogging break! I’m still really busy so I won’t be able to consistently blog weekly until December but I will try my best ! Thanks for being patient! So finally I am doing a post in collaboration with Megan from the blog Because of Jackie! As you can see from the title I am going to be listing 30 facts about me so that my readers can get to know me a little better in addition to a giveaway for a $50 gift card to target ! (: Okay now for those 30 facts!

1. The most basic fact to start out.. I’m full Japanese

2. I was raised in Hawaii since I was 6 years old and I still am currently living here

3. I am bilingual (Japanese and English)

4. I am obsessed with Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf (so sad it ended!)

5. I am also obsessed with all things Korean, including Korean Fashion, K-pop and Korean Dramas!

6. I’m a senior in high school (college, college, college, on my mind)

7. I have a roommate from China from 3 years, and she’s basically my best friend

8. I’ve been to more than 5 countries (Japan, Korea, China, Australia, England, France, Italy)

9. I am currently hooked on the TV Show Once Upon a Time ! (anyone else?!)

10. I am really short, about 153 cm (5ft) and I wish I was taller

11. Going with number 10, I wear heels all the time when not in school

12. I don’t get stressed out easily even under stressful situations, weird?

13. My Uncle is from England, so I have half Japanese half English cousins (I always thought it was cool, they have british accents which I always try to copy whenever I’m around them)

14. I love the city

15. I actually don’t go to the beach often, almost never! (even though I live in Hawaii)

16. I’m learning Chinese right now

17. I want to learn French

18. I’ve never had short hair and I don’t plan to cut it short anytime in the future or ever (maybe I will change my mind, who konws?)

19. I don’t procrastinate, I always finish everything on the first day if I can

20. I am a dedicated android user! (sorry iphones..)

21. I love the night, I’m definitely not a morning person

22. I have 2 dogs here, and 1 dog in Japan (aka I love dogs)

23. I don’t have a birthmark, which I always thought was weird since almost everyone has one

24. I’m a perfectionist for everything I do, except keeping my room clean (its usually kind of messy)

25. I love crepes, I just had to put that on here

26. I love macarons (especially from Laduree)

27. I’m pretty self conscious (like I tend to repeat what I’m going to say in my mind before saying it out loud)

28. I’m a really positive person, I really don’t get depressed easily!

29. I get excited about Vegan/Gluten Free food because it makes me feel healthy even though I still eat junk

30. Last Fact! .. Although I want to work in the fashion industry it’s always been a little side dream of mine to become an actress (:                 (I never mentioned it often though because it feels a bit embarrassing for some reason)

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First Giveaway Post ! Cruciani Bracelets

September 6, 2014

IMG_20140824_002915 (1)

Its been over a year since I started this blog so I thought it was time to start a giveaway! But, my blogging reach or audience is still quite small and so in an effort to expand my blog and let more people participate in this giveaway I have decided to do it on the Penniless Socialite blog! Click here to enter the giveaway ! (:

So just a little bit more about the bracelets I am giving away. It is a really pretty mint or teal color from Cruciani which is an italian brand that got really popular the last few years. Everyone, including me, was wearing their bracelets and this particular set I have never worn at all and its brand new. The lock and heart set is great for sharing with someone to match with, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or just keep both for yourself!  I really hope you guys enter and enjoy !

The Rose Look

August 31, 2014


I’m officially sad that summer is coming to an end ! It’s already Labor day weekend which practically marks the end of summer for me. School has already started and I’m going to be so busy that I hope I can keep up with my blogging! Anyway for the outfit, I just love the peachy pink rose colored blouse I’m wearing. I usually don’t wear a loose full looking top (but I do love the ruffled sleeves!) with a full skirt but for some reason I felt like I could pull it off in this outfit without looking like I have no shape.


Now lets talk about the skirt. I actually discovered this small new brand that I have been loving, like I feel like its a brand no one has heard of but I found it on lookbook! I think the model or owner/designer of the brand was posting looks of their clothes and that’s how I found it. Its if anyone wants to take a look! I really loved the design of the roses paired with the pale brown leaves. It’s still a floral skirt without being too busy or super colorful!


I just wanted to add in this picture because I don’t know exactly what I’m doing but its like a “wait stop” caught in the moment shot and I actually kinda like it so I just had to put it up


I also felt like with the pair of oversized sunglasses (from Stylenanda) and the pale pastel colors, If I had paired the outfit with a geometric skirt of somesort instead it would give off a mod style feel don’t you think ? I don’t know but mod is definitely a huge trend that I have been seeing all over magazines for this fall 2014 A/W collection so that’s something I really really have been wanting to play around with ! I’m sure I’ll do a post on it later on. It would be really cool to see how I can recreate a modern mod look!


Just a heads up, now that I am back in school it going to be harder for me to post outfits so the next few months I’ll be doing more of beauty/trend/how-to related posts !

Beauty Crush: Benefits They’re Real! Push Up Liner

August 24, 2014


I haven’t done a beauty post in a while and so I thought it’s about time! Recently there’s been a product I have been obsessed with. The they’re Real! push-up liner! When I say obsessed I mean I use it everyday and I am NEVER going back to another eyeliner! It’s basically a review and I just wanted to share a product that I think is worth the money, well for me at least !



It’s basically a gel eyeliner that is as easy and smooth as using a liquid pen liner ! The key to the magic of this product is that pen shape! The angle and the shape makes it so so so easy to do a perfect winged eye and work closely to the lash line ! It’s glides on effortlessly and does exactly what its suppose to do! I’ve always been a gel liner girl and preferred gel over pencil or liquid so maybe that’s why I love it so much?

Also the reason why it’s called “push-up” is because you just slightly twist the bottom of the pen and a small amount of gel comes out at the top!


Basically like what I am doing in the picture above you just rest the pen on your eye. Here I’m making the winged eye part. It’s hard to tell but here I already lined my eye very thinly with the liner and finishing it off with the wing.


Then Voila ! A perfect cat eye ! I usually like doing mine on the thinner side but this pen is also perfect for those who love nice dramatic wings or eyeliner. Also on a side note, yes I am blueish contacts in case anyone wonders (It was really weird taking close up pictures of my eye…) but no the contacts are not circle lens ! They’re real prescription contacts , seriously my eyesight is so bad


This is what it looks like from a further away angle! I am really not kidding when I say it has never been easier to do a nice cat eye! What do you guys think ? Has any of you tried this eyeliner? or do you have a different product thats even better?! Let me know ! I may be a fashion addict but I’m also a beauty addict too !


Last Weekend

Labor Day marks the last day of “Summer” even if it’s actually September 21st… but who’s counting? Oh yeah, EVERYONE! Fashion Month kicks off next week, so everyone get your rest. Get everything you need to be done for regular life done this weekend if you can, because we’ll all be glued to the runways for the next month. So now is the time to muse about life and style, to stock up on your Fall wardrobe, and catch up on your magazines… don’t know where to start? These links will help!

Links à la Mode: August 28th

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The Little Striped Dress

August 11, 2014


Sorry for posting late! I just got back yesterday from New York and I was really tired. So many colleges so many decisions ahhhh. I wish I could just continue everyday styling outfits to blog about…anyway back to the actually topic…



I am in love with this dress so much! It’s not often that you see a dress with so many elements that you like. First of all the color combination caught my eye. With the stripes and the blue it kind of gives off a nautical type of feel but then boom pair it with yellow and it creates something completely different! Maybe you guys think I’m exaggerating but the mustard yellow and royal blue stripes just look great together! Who knew right ?



Besides the colors I love how the dress comes in at the waist and flounces out (oooh flounce I like that word). It makes it so fun and playful in addition to the already playful colors. When I was wearing it I was constantly spinning around because I liked the way the dress would twirl, kinda like a dancer’s skirt!


Now its time to talk about the handbag! Its a handbag from Angela and Roi that I have been constantly using and loving for a couple months now. It was not sponsored but I was approached by the brand and they asked me if I was willing to spread the word about their brand. I took a look and loved the bag design so I bought it on my own (again its no sponsored I used my own money!).

The best part of Angela and Roi is that their concept is fashion meets philanthropy with each of their handbag colors representing different causes such as lung cancer and diabetes. Five dollars of each purchase goes to that specific cause depending on the color you choose and they even use vegan leather!


The Celine inspired winged out shape is my favorite part of the bag. It looks classy and not to mention it both is and looks high quality! I’ve actually gotten quite a few compliments on the bag and people are always surprised to find out that its not from any big name luxury brand. So far using it multiple times its still in good condition, the shape holds up and the leather is not easily dirtied so mine still looks pretty new. I honestly do recommend you guys check it out! There’s more styles and more colors available!

A Little Lace

August 2, 2014


I kept this outfit nice and simple since I thought that the dress itself added enough to the outfit. Its a dress from Free People and keeping it flow-y its definitely a more boho feeling outfit. I’m not that crazy about boho style personally but I loved the dress when I bought it. The color and the lace detailing drew me in for sure.


I usually add a belt to the dress instead of wearing it loose fitted but for some reason the day I shot the pictures I didn’t feel like it. I would say it looks good with or without the belt but it makes a pretty big difference by changing the feel and style. Adding the belt gives a more polished look but the flowy look is more casual.


For the bag I went with this pale pink bag, I felt like I wanted to add some pop of color since my shoes and dress are both dark burgundy red. It keeps it feeling bright and summer-y!


Not sure what I was trying to do or say in this picture ? Looks like I was in mid sentence or something, oh well ^^


So one more exciting thing to tell you guys is that I’m actually selling this dress ! On Poshmark !

I just recently made an account because while I was on my New York trip (I’m going to Boston tomorrow!) I realized I had way too many clothes and I wanted to get rid of some. A lot of my stuff are still in good condition so I didn’t want to just give it away or throw it away and then found poshmark. If any of you have one you can find my account @couturecrushrei . I only have 3 items listed right now but I’m going to have tons and tons posted once I get back to Hawaii next week.

I’m also thinking of doing another giveaway (last time was on a different blog) either on this blog or as a sponsor on another blog either way but I wanted to have ideas on what you guys are interested in to be given away. Beauty products? Clothes? Accessories? Leave comments below!

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