I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to blog in almost three weeks. I’ve just suddenly gotten busy with school (my usual excuse), but now that it’s hit October I’m pretty excited for layering season. I will miss these off the shoulder dresses (check out my summer trends post here) but honestly, I like fall and winter fashion more. Maybe its because I’ve lived in Hawaii for so long, I haven’t gotten as much of an opportunity to experiment with it. But because of this, I suck at layering and transition seasons. I’m either too cold or too warm, but we’ll see how it goes for this year.

Also I really enjoyed doing this photo shoot. I really like the cooler toned, transparent class aesthetic of these photos (except the last one). Its actually on my college campus! Who knew there’s such great photo shoot locations around. It was also taken during the summer so it was very empty. If not I would not have been able to stand in front and pose like I’m doing. I always wondered how bloggers did it. Like how do you pose in the streets with so many people around?




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