Couture Crushin: Personalized Shampoo – Function of Beauty Review

Few months ago I had began seeing instagram posts and facebook ads about a company called function of beauty which is a company that delivers personalized haircare. This caught my eye really fast because my hair is super damaged from the bleach and multiple times I’ve colored it, so my own personal shampoo and conditioner seemed perfect. … Continue Reading

Couture Crushin: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Review

I recently found out about Laneige’s new collection, the two tone lip bar and I immediately had to go and try it. I was always a fan of Korea’s lip gradient trend – for those of you who don’t know, the gradient lip trend is when you don’t fully put color on your lips but … Continue Reading

Couture Crushin: Wild Mantle Hooded Scarves

Have any of you heard of hooded-scarves? It’s something I’ve never known and so when I can across this Wild Mantle I just thought it was such a innovative item. I’ve never been the type to wear hoodies. I guess it just didn’t give off as much of a stylish vibe, and basically reminds me of … Continue Reading

Couture Crushin: JumpFromPaper 2D Handbags

Recently I have been obsessed with this brand called JumpFromPaper! It’s a Taipei based brand that was founded recently in 2010 and have been garnering more and more media attention. I have been seeing it pop up all over my Instagram newsfeed, as it has been becoming a favorite among fashion bloggers (including myself, if I … Continue Reading

Couture Crushin: Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Palette Review

Okay first of all, I have to say I was really impressed with the packaging. That is actually what first attracted me to buying in. I’m all about the visuals, and visually pleasing things can easily draw me in. The picture above is the packaging for the eye shadow palette. Sorry to be abit out … Continue Reading

Couture Crushin: Kailijumei Flower Lipstick Review

  It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post, but I’m super excited for this one! As you can already see in the above picture, I’ll be reviewing this super aesthetic lipstick! Just look at those flowers and golden specks. When I first heard of this lipstick I just had to get it since … Continue Reading

Couture Crushin: Layering Lace Trend

As the title says, one of my recent obsessions have been layering lace! Specifically, layering see through lace over a plain white t-shirt like I did above, or a collared blouse. It is a pretty big summer trend in Asia, such as Korea and Japan. When I went shopping in Tokyo I saw it everywhere on … Continue Reading

CoutureCrushin: Summer 2016 Trends

The heat of summer is finally here, and with it comes the breezy, flirty, skin-baring silhouettes of the warm-weather months. Here are four pieces you need to keep your wardrobe on-trend this summer season, from casual classics to bold pieces perfect for summertime celebrations. Off-the-Shoulder Neckline Legs aren’t the only body part that deserves the … Continue Reading

CoutureCrush: Red Valentino Once Upon a Time 2014 Autumn Collection

Hey guys! I’m back to blogging on a weekly basis now for the most part and I am back with a new idea that I may start dong on a regular basis. I, of course love to do my usual outfit posts but I want to bring in more elements in to blog. I was … Continue Reading