Fashion and food in Fukuoka

I visited Kyushu, which is the southern area of Japan for the first time! Specifically, I visited the Hakata area of Fukuoka, which is famous for good ramen. It is famous for Tonkotsu ramen, or rich ramen made from pork bones. The broth of the ramen is whats really famous, and being the foodie that … Continue Reading

KYOTO Trip 2014 Part 2

Now for the second part of the trip is focused on the food! I would have millions of pictures because trust me I ate a lot but  I was too busy actually eating to take any more pictures. We stayed at a traditional ryokan which are traditional Japanese “hotels” usually associated with hot springs. Upon checking … Continue Reading

KYOTO Trip 2014 Part 1

This is my first post that is actually non fashion or beauty related, hope you guys are okay with that ! I’m basically doing a recap of my Kyoto trip that I went to last week. I went with my two friends from China (one of them being my roommate back at school). It’s not … Continue Reading