I’m sure some of you have heard of the new trend going around that is charcoal powder for teeth whitening! I saw it going around Facebook for awhile and always wanted to try it, especially since I’ve had pretty yellow teeth since I was younger (from all that tea and coffee). I finally got an opportunity to try it out thanks to Cocolean! Cocolean is an international brand making it really accessible, and I appreciate that their website has both Japanese and English (if you guys don’t know I’m Japanese btw)

Charcoal powder is not only great for natural teeth whitening but also strengthening your enamel and freshening your breath! So the real question is…does it really work?

So I know these pictures are pretty iffy but I really tried my best to show you guys some before and after pictures! I really couldn’t get the same exact lighting because the first picture was a month ago and I don’t remember exactly what time I took the picture, but I think it still shows a slight difference in my teeth color. I’ve been using this product for about a month and of course there isn’t drastic changes, however, I can still tell the subtle difference in my teeth color.

Now when I saw that I’ve been using the product for a month, I haven’t been using it consistently, every day, but maybe 3 times a week at most so I think results would get better the more I use it.

In terms of how to use the product, when you open it you have to be careful because slight movement and you could spill the powder everywhere which is extremely messy. This happened to me in the shower (thankfully) but it did get all over me. It does also stain your hands but you can get it off with some light scrubbing. Other than that it is pretty simple. Just get a toothbrush (preferably separate from your everyday one), slightly wet the brush and dip it into the powder. You really only need a little bit so I can definitely see this product lasting a long time, which makes the $32.99 a decent investment to at least give it a try.

Let me know your thoughts? Has anyone else tried and gotten great results or perhaps no

results at all?

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