I recently found out about Laneige’s new collection, the two tone lip bar and I immediately had to go and try it. I was always a fan of Korea’s lip gradient trend – for those of you who don’t know, the gradient lip trend is when you don’t fully put color on your lips but start off light and gradually increase the color intensity as you move towards your inner lips. This gives off the illusion of a smaller and poutier look. How this is usually done is by dabbing some concealer or foundation on your lips and then apply your lip tint or lip stick concentrating only on the center of your lips.

I personally thought that this was too much effort, being the lazy person I am. I would only create this look on special occasions, but not for the everyday. Laneige’s new lipstick helps you easily create this look with just one swipe, or atleast tries to.

They have a large selection of colors, and the ones I bought are #4 Milk Blurring, and #6 Pink step.

Milk step, I would say doesn’t live up to the pictures on what it should look like from the above examples. The color combination is red and basically white, and the red is very pigmented and overwhelming that it didn’t quite create the gradient lip look I was looking for. I originally thought that the contrast of red and white would actually create a better gradient. It also didn’t really “blur” neither and I thought it looked a bit unnatural. But, maybe I will get better in my applying techniques.

This picture is after I rubbed my lips together. It made the gradient look more natural, but almost takes away from the entire point. It just looked like I had put on regular lipstick. I really do like the color though.

As you can see, #6 pink step, I think did a much better job at what it is supposed to do. This was exactly the type of gradient lip I was looking for and I’m pretty happy with the results! I really want to try maybe #14 or #12, one of their newer colors next!

Here’s a link the their website¬†for more info on it, but I bought mine from Amazon for around $17 just because it would be faster to get it and Laneige, is a international brand so it was harder to get.

Let me know your thoughts if anyone has tried or even opinions on the trend itself? It’s quite different from the American/western trend of the full/bold lip looks.

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