Growing up in Hawaii since I was six, and only visiting Tokyo during the winter and summer, I never had a chance to experience the so-called “sweater weather.” In between seasons was something I never experience for oddly most of my life. I was either in summer dresses, or full on winter coats. That’s why I never got to play around much with layering until now. Moving to Philadelphia for college, there is definitely a clear fall and spring.

One of my favorite ways to layer is layering turtlenecks, long sleeved shirts, or buttons downs under my dresses, like I did above. It’s really simple and makes all my dresses so versatile. The olive green dress I’m wearing is wool, so it is clearly meant for fall or winter, but this layering technique works well for my other dresses that I can turn warmer weather dresses into cooler weather ones.

What are some of your favorite ways to layer?

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I love layering dresses over turtlenecks for spring! It’s so fun to layer – glad you get to experience it (but Hawaii definitely has better weather, even if you can’t layer as much).

Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

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