I visited Kyushu, which is the southern area of Japan for the first time! Specifically, I visited the Hakata area of Fukuoka, which is famous for good ramen. It is famous for Tonkotsu ramen, or rich ramen made from pork bones. The broth of the ramen is whats really famous, and being the foodie that I am of course I went for the food. Fukuoka is also famous for having outside night stands that have little counters and stools for you to sit and eat (not like a grab and go style) where they serve ramen, along with other Japanese foods like oden and yakitori.

Being away from the big city of Tokyo, I fully took advantage of the temples and scenery here for a little fashion shoot. I knew I’d being going out and about, I opted for simple black shorts that are a little looser, thus more comfortable, and one of my favorite floral tops.

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