Honestly, golden hour makes everything better. What else makes things better? Rompers. I’ve realized these days that although I love putting together outfits, I am also inevitably lazy. Especially, during the school year, I want to wake up as late as possible, meaning I don’t have time to mix and match outfits in the morning. Thus, my love for outfits that require minimal effort such as this one. Rompers, dresses, and even jumpsuits from last week’s post, all are pieces you can throw on without having to think.

On top of being lazy in terms of styling outfits, I also get lazy photoshooting outfits too. Thus, the golden hour. When its golden hour any random street or background can look great. For example, this photo is right in front of my apartment!

Do you guys have any favorite minimal effort yet stylish go-to outfits?

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