This is one of the few times that my entire outfit is monochromatic. Okay, actually, not even entirely, because the bag that I chose with this is bright pink. I went to shoot in a almost abandoned looking place in Philly, but just look at the background and view. It’s near an area called Graffiti Pier, as you can see the river in the background.


As you can see I paired my geometric Kenzo top with a slightly flared skirt paired with white wedges to finish it off. I think, especially the pattern of the top gives the outfit kind of a modern, urban vibe. It kind of purposely contrasts with the background don’t you think? Also what do you think of this shot? It’s a bit more artsy than your normal straightforward outfit shot. The downside angle looking up shows the sky and background really well as well.


With the dirt, fences, and graffiti, background, my outfit stands out really well against the background. I was trying to go for contrasting vibes, instead of the usual photo shoot in the city streets. The white really pops, and if anything this outfit is as colorless as any of my outfits go. But, I had to add my little bit of color with the bag. I thought the pink would be really cute, and stands out with against the white of the skirt. If you want to dress down this outfit, I can totally see ripped denim or skinny jeans replacing the white skirt!


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