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I’ve been into matching sets recently, well I suppose its not a recent thing. I think I’ve always liked that idea but sometimes feel apprehensive towards wearing it since “matchy matchy” tends to have a bad connotation in fashion. But, its quite common for matching sets to be sold and I think wearing it as an actual set saves a lot of time and hassle. Just like how I sometimes throw on a dress because I’m too lazy to put an outfit together, this kind of convenience can also be found when you have a set. Sometimes I do wear the top and bottom separately, but it’s also just cute to wear them together like I did above.

Matching sets have also been a trend in Japan from a few years back. Matching sets actually not as in the top and bottom is the exact same pattern, but certain skirts and tops would be sold together as convenience. I’ve never seen it before in the states, but thought it an interesting difference/point to mention .

What do you guys think about matching sets? Do you ever wear or buy tops/bottoms with the same pattern as a set or stick to one? Do you find that it looks “too much” worn together?

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