Yes I’m in a phone booth, an actual phone booth, which are still quite everywhere in Japan. It definitely gave off nostalgic vibes and It was fun to step into one and “pretend” to use the phone. It was quite random as I was walking and decided to take photos, but it turned out to be really well, different from my usual just standing in the street poses. I’m also loving this shot right below because it shows off my Stuart Weitzman boots. I love these boots so much that I’ve been living in them basically all winter season.

On another note, why am I posting camel coats and winter wear when its already March? Well, because I’ve been so behind on my style posts, and this was still winter time, but don’t blame me. Actually just last week, in Philadelphia, we had a snow storm and it was freezing cold. It finally hit 70 degrees today but it drops back down to 48 degrees tomorrow, so I’m not quite ready to transition into Spring wear yet, so please bare with me.

Lastly, finally I have detail shots! I usually never do detail shots, but if you guys prefer them and want more included, let me know! The detail shot above is of my miu miu clutch. I got it as a Christmas gift and it has been so so useful. Its so versatile, and the best part is the inside has card slots designed into it so I can just slide in my cards, ID, and phone and go. It’s basically a wallet, or like one of those flip phone cases that come in card slots (but bag version). Seriously obsessed.

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