I’ve finally had a chance to style my 2D bag from Jump from Paper and it definitely makes the outfit stand out more. If you don’t know what Jump from Paper is or haven’t seen this 2D bag trend  I wrote a post about it a few months back here. I think the bag still gets a little getting used to where I’m not using this as an everyday type of bag. I also found it best to go with simple outfits without too much design.

Another note I wanted to bring up is that I love my black coat I’m wearing in this post, but it is not the most convenient or warm one to wear in the winter times. It’s still cold here and I originally bought the coat because I loved the design, with the pinkish nude outline and the slimming silhouette, where it curves in at your waist and flares out (I hate looking like a marshmallow or something with giant or puffy coats), but It makes it extremely hard to layer! It makes the coat slightly less versatile. How do you guys feel about this? I do have Chesire coats and different styles which does enable me to wear thicker layers underneath but It does lose the sharpness that this coat gives me.

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That bag looks so cool! I’ve always wanted to try this 2D but looks 3D style. ❤️️


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