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Plaid Accents Always

Plaid Accents Always


This week was such a tough week and It's not even over yet. It's currently 1:10am and I finally found some time to get a blog post in! (although I may just schedule this post to publish tomorrow). As you can guess from the title, I've constantly been wearing plaid this entire winter leading into spring season. Plaid/gingham/checked patterns are all things I love to incorporate as I mentioned in a previous post and I know its more of a fall/winter trend, but why not carry it over into the spring. 

Like honestly look how spring-like this outfit looks along with the background. It is generally a darker toned outfit with the navy and green, but I always like to incorporate something else to brighten up the outfit like I did here with the pink beret (read about my thoughts on berets here)


Here is a list of what I'm wearing

Coat - some thrift shop I found in Tokyo

Top - Stylenanda 

Skirt - Stylenanda

Shoes - Stuart Weitzman

Bag - Gucci 

Beret - Stylenanda (again!)

Links à la Mode, March 1st, 2018

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Couture Crushin: Sweater Dresses

The Beret Dilemma

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