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Red Layering and Crazy Rich Asians

Red Layering and Crazy Rich Asians


Hi guys! So i decided that for as many posts as I can I want to create a discussion or address something other than just the outfit itself to go along with my posts. Just like my last post addressing authenticity and can we as influencers do besides essentially selling products or showing clothing. First off layering is such an essential skill and honestly I didn't know how hard it was until moving to Philadelphia. Growing up in Hawaii, no layering was required and being in Tokyo I would be there only in Winters where again, rather than layering I just wore a lot of coats and sweaters. I think I still stumble upon how to layer in those off-seasons or not too cold but not hot weathers. 

I'm still learning as I go but one of the easiest ways I've discovered for layering is taking a strappy dress like the one I wore above and simply throwing a turtle neck, long sleeve, or even blouse under. By choosing what you just wear under the dress it makes it super versatile, plus you could even go for short sleeves if you wanted! 

On another note the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians is out! I haven't read the book but I've been meaning to, so I plan to read the book soon once school is done then proceed to watch the movie. I really hope you guys watch it as well because this movie is super important as it is the first large adaptation starring all Asian actors and actresses! It is a huge deal and I really hope the success of this movie will encourage Hollywood to recognize that Asians can be leads too. 

Top: Stylenanda

Dress: Chuu (Korean brand)

Shoes: Isabel Marant


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Influencers and Authenticity

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