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Influencers and Authenticity

Influencers and Authenticity


You may be wondering about the title of this blog post, I've decided to something a little bit different today. So far on my blog I've only talked about pretty much surface level fashion related things and trends, but I've decided to actively add to my blog on other topics in an effort to further develop my voice. 

This week is Penn Fashion Week, which is my school's week of events where we bring in panelists and speakers from different parts of the fashion industry. We had four panelists today from TeenVogue, Nylon, Refinery29, and Paper Magazine. The question about what their opinion on influencers came up and they talked about how influencers increasingly come off as inauthentic. Influencer marketing and this concept of "influencer" has blown up and the bubble has finally burst. The top influencers right now are ones with real voice having positive influence in the industry, making waves of their own. But, there's been more and more influencers, ones that flaunt money and are not longer relatable, which is sad because the entire reason that influencers came about was because consumers looked for someone who wasn't an editor or a magazine/publication. This really introduced a new perspective for me, and made me wonder how do I come off? What am I doing with my blog and my Instagram (although I wouldn't call myself an influencer), but am I relatable? What more can I do which my voice that is productive, even if it is a small following that I have. 

It also addresses the topic of privilege. It's extremely difficult to become an influencer without money or coming from a certain economical background. There are definitely a lot of privileged influencers out there. Even I come from a fortunate background and have the ability to own a lot of clothes. Do people really want to just see pretty pictures and pretty instagram feeds? Can influencers also help promote a certain mindset of representation and inclusivity and address important issues within the fashion industry like publications? Should we? It brought up a lot of things to think about and thought it was a good discussion to talk about. What I like about blogging and instagram is that the community is so big, and I see a lot of asian representation unlike the media and workspace that I feel comfortable being in this space. This is why I look up to influencers, because of inspirations like Jenn Im and Michelle Phan, asian women being extremely successful in this space. 

What are your thoughts? 



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Pink and...more plaid!

Pink and...more plaid!