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Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

So I've gotten a few questions before and it is something a lot of people, including myself have struggled with, and that is how to create a theme or cohesiveness for your instagram feed! Of course my blog is important but, I've put a lot of effort into my instagram as well and thought to share my experience with it. This is with the assumption/exception of people who can't or don't want to use lightroom pre-sets! (Lightroom would be more effective)

1. Pick a filter and apply them to all your photos! But what if certain photos look better with the filter and some without etc? Well, you can easily adjust the strength of your filters and what I usually do is apply my VSCO filter +10 ish and then even if it makes my picture look how I don't want it to look, I ignore it. Then I go into the snapseed app and then adjust the contrast, curves, lighting, warmth, saturation, basically everything! There is also a selective tool on snapseed which I use alot ! For example, I want to up the saturation on my photo because my filter de-saturated it too much, but, it makes my face too yellow, then I would up the saturation anyways and then use the selective tool to lower saturation ONLY on my face! I would also edit a bit and then put the photo into PLANN and see if it fits if its still a little too saturated or not enough etc I'll go back and adjust and basically repeat the process!

2. Try to pick one or two colors that you would incorporate in at least every other photo! if you look at my feed's picture above (I use the PLANN app to plan out my photos), can you guess the color? Its pink! It is subtle but in the photo on the top left the flowers are pink, in the photo next to it at a glance it is blue skies and a blue dress but I'm holding a pink drink! and then in the photo next to it there is no pink, but it is okay because the pink color in my feed gradually weaves everything together so it can still look cohesive without everything being pink literally. Another color that's tying things together is the green! But this actually happened accidentally and it wasn't planned! 

3. Use a planning app! As I mentioned above I use PLANN and the photo you see above is about 15 photos ahead of where my instagram is currently at (its not posted yet so shh). I keep taking photos and switching out pictures to see what fits best and as I take new photos I update and play around in the app, so what I "plan" to post is constantly changing and a photo I took weeks ago may end up not getting posted for weeks just because it didn't fit or wasn't the best fit at the moment! I know its quite meticulous but I'm super picky with this and thats how I do it, but of course it is up to you and there's definitely no need to have 15 photos planned ahead ! 

If you have any more questions or need more tips comment below or you can message me through instagram! (: 

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