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A Little Inspiration: Cloche Hats


I just love love winter. Living in Hawaii there's rarely a chance for me to dress for various seasons and so when I visit Japan or anywhere else I love to go full out in my outfits and coordinations. In this look I'm wearing a red blazer with a black and white plaid skirt and oxfords and... a cloche hat ! I've been wanting to get one since inspired by Blair Waldorf.


Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester visits a homeless shelter on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in NYC

I just feel like the 1920s cloche hat completes the outfit and definitely gives off a different feel. It's classic and feels so feminine and ladylike.


I also love the idea of grey and burgundy colors together. I think they're perfect for winter.


Not to mention another recent obsession of mine have been heeled oxfords. They're so comfortable to walk it without being too high, but they give such a polished look when put together with an outfit. These shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell, one of my favorite shoe brands.



Seriously, there's no way I can wear outfits like this everyday, especially not being in a huge city, but when I do it makes me want to share it and love it. Blazer + Hat + Oxfords + Plaid + Trench Coat, they're basically all of my favorite items put into one outfit. They're also my personal staple wardrobe pieces.

What do you guys think ? What are you favorite winter items to wear ? Any of them like mine ?

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