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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

A Little Maturity

2022-02-03 04.17.38.jpg

I know its spring...but...it's still pretty cold and slowly getting warmer, at least in Japan that is. For this outfit I went for a little more mature look with gray and black colors. But mature doesn't have to mean boring. I definitely like the sparkles on my sweater and the lace tights give the look a totally different feel, which is fun because I don't get to wear lace tights that often. I usually stick with opaque tights because they just seem easier to match outfits with.

Also I just noticed by looking at this picture but is it just me or is the left side of my face sticking out ? My cheeks look swollen or something! weird.

2022-02-03 04.14.59.jpg

This is my outfit under the sweater basically. But anyway the main point of this outfit is this skirt. Thus, the focus on the skirt in the above picture (see how everything else is blurry?).  It's a simple style but with tying it around into a bow makes it feminine and classy looking. I also like the...crinkles at the top and doesn't just cut off in a straight line like most other high waisted skirts.

The skirt's also versatile since it's one size but you can easily adjust it to your own waist size which is always a good thing. I got this from stylenanda (I did just did a post on that). They had the skirt in black too but I just had to opt for the gray since I have way too many black skirts already.

2022-02-03 04.17.31.jpg

It's also pretty bad that I took this picture on someone elses steps in front of their house...shhh... What would they have thought if they were home or came back and just saw some random girl sitting in front.

2022-02-03 04.07.41.jpg

Here I am trying to be all model-y but doesn't really work out. I don't know how some people do it. Every time I try to make a expression like staring off into the distance or basically not smiling it just makes me look like I'm so mad! It's pretty tough doing the whole "I'm not looking at the camera and this photo was caught off guard so I'm staring somewhere else all naturally" kind of thing.

Okay one last thing. I'm officially announcing that this blog will be updated every week, every friday to be exact (well sometimes I might be a day off  with Japan or Hawaii/time difference) . I know I haven't been that consistent but now you guys can be sure to check back every week for a new post!

A Touch of Sophistication

Nothing is more attractive than Red