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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

A Little Piece of Paris


IMGP0472.jpgDo you get why I called this post a little piece of paris ? Yes I know it's pretty cheesy and bit of a stereotype but seriously wearing this little beret hat made me feel so parisian-like and happy ! But the ironic part was wearing it in Japan... in the spring ! But I felt like it still went nicely with the rest of my outfit . This beret is from juicy couture and it's mostly for colder temperatures since the material is somewhat thick, and I just love the jewel on it ! It's a great statement piece to keep in your closet . Also does anyone see my purple eyelash extensions a little in the picture ? haha, maybe I'll do a post on that ?


What do you think ? You could say I went all out blue on this outfit ! It reminded me of Blair Waldorf and she's one of my favorite fashion icons as well as favorite tv show character ! I always was so inspired by all of her outfits and sense of style. Also here's a picture of blair below. I miss Gossip Girl so much ! I can't believe the show is already over ! I could just re-watch so much times, just looking at the clothes of not only Blair but all the characters! Anyone else a gossip girl fan? Although the outfit blair is wearing probably costs more than my entire wardrobe, my entire outfit was nonetheless, only $100 total (excluding the hat).




Also this sweater that I'm wearing, It looks like I have a blouse under, but in reality it's just a collar attached ! It's a great way to save money by just buying one item of clothing while still making it look like it's more. It's a pretty popular trend in Japan , like my earlier blog post where I mentioned layering knits with collared blouses or shirts , there are many knits that just have attachable collars, this way you can still sport the trend while saving money. It's hard to say the price because it depends on where you get it ><






Don't you just love this cute little bow on the front of this skirt ? In the picture above the bow got covered because of my sweater, but pairing this skirt with a blouse to tuck in or casually even a tanktop tucked, showing the bow is a great detail for those who want a more feminine look ! You can still make it edgier by changing what you pair with it ! I love these kind of skirts that are a little structured and has a flare, similar to the brown skirt I wore in my last post. I feel it's easy to mix and match with a variety of tops and styles.

Oh and here is a random picture I took of myself with my parisian beret ^_^

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