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Beauty Crush: Bedhead Deep Waver Review


So recently I've been really into "waving" my hair using the ceramic Bedhead Deep Waver. I actually bought a while ago, definitely more than a year so, yes I'm extremely late in reviewing but I since I recently started using it often, I might as well make a post on it! I know there's so many tutorials out there on how to create waves for your hair, but on my hair I just find this the best method.


Here is a close up of the shape of the waver. You basically clamp a section of your hair starting from the top and you work your way down. I hold it for about 20-30 seconds and that gives me a really defined wave which is how I like it, but if you prefer a looser, more natural looking one you can hold it for a few seconds and you're good to go!


Look at how defined that wave is! I also find that because of the tourmaline ceramic plates, even though I'm using a lot of heat on my hair It doesn't dry my hair out. You could see from the picture that actually it adds a little bit of sheen. (It's not just because of the lighting)



As you can see my hair I only waved the bottom half of my hair but I've tried from the roots and it works just as well. It's great for giving volume, but since I have really thick I hair I just stick to keeping the top straight. If I wave my hair, I also don't have to do anything the next day since the waves hold really well. It pretty much looks the same even after 24hrs! So overall I only have positive impressions, and I haven't come across any problems using this deep waver. Let me know if you guys have tried it and if it works for you just as well !

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