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Cape Coats and the Holidays


Happy Holidays! I've always loved winter and its definitely my favorite season, but every year I forgot how cold it can get. It's a pretty drastic change flying in from Hawaii to Tokyo! Anyway I've been obsessed with cape coats recently. I've wanted one actually since last winter and I finally got one!


Here's me being all excited...I also love that its plaid. The bright red makes it really great for the holiday season and so I tried to make my outfit a bit holiday themed.



Even without my cape coat I wore a bright red sweater and a bow headband (like a present!) to keep it christmas-y? I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a black bag, black oxfords, and simple white blouse so that the focus is kept on the bright red and it makes the outfit kind of preppy.



Here's a close up of the bow. It was pretty fun wearing bright red knowing its almost christmas. I just really love the holidays (I know some people aren't big fans) but either way I hope everyone has a fun time!

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