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Cat Ears as a ... Hairstyle !


Are you running out of new hairstyles ? Or do you want to try something new ? Well in Japan there is a huge trend called the car ears hairstyle . It started in 2012 , and maybe you've heard about it or read it on some other blog but here I am blogging about it. It basically started when the famous singer "kyarupamyupamyu" did this look and it's been in many fashion magazines since then, like the picture below.


If you're not up to wearing it everyday , It's a great idea for events like halloween, like a last minute costume. It's fun to change up your look and you could do numerous things with this hairstyle, like add a bow if you want or change up the size of the cat ears depending on how bold you want to be. Now I'm going to show you guys how you can achieve this look.


First you divide your hair into two sections about 1-2 inches, depending on the thickness of your hair. You really don't want to grab too much as it will be harder to hold up the shape but  it's up to you and do what works best for your hair.


Next using a comb, tease the section of your hair both front and back sides, as well as near the roots. You can smooth out the front side after you teased it.


Once done teasing, hairspray it ! This is a very important step as it will keep the shape of cat ears!



Then you make a semi-loop around  to the back and bobbi pin it into place and you're done ! It's very simple and easy to do. The best part is it doesn't matter if you have short hair or longer hair or thick or thin hair. It's doable for most types. But, getting the cat ears into a more perfect shape might take some practice . Now another way to do this hairstyle is you can use it to pull back your bangs, and this 2nd way is easier to do.


The first step is the same, divide your hair into two sections but this time taking your bangs or the front part of your hair as well. Once you do the twist the hair inwards (toward your parting) .


Then, keeping the twisted section , bring it to the back .


Once that's done it should look something like this.


Then just push it up towards the front and it would create a small "poof". You can also tug at it if you want to get the cat ears bigger and adjust the shape or size. Then just pin it in the back, same thing as the first method and you're done!


Here's the first cat ears hairstyle, where the front or my bangs (well I guess you wouldn't call them bangs since I've completely grown them out) aren't pulled back. Do I look like a kitty yet ?


And this is the 2nd type of cat ears where all my hair in the front is pulled out of my face. You can see how the shape of the cat ears itself are a little different from the first one, but you get the idea. I'm also attempting a failed winky face here. (I could never wink!)

So what do you guys think ? Would you try this hairstyle ? Or is it just too weird ?

Also if any of you have post suggestions or things you want my to talk about just let me know in the comments or email me through the "contact me" page ! I would love feedback!

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