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Colored Eyelashes Beauty Trend


 Its been so long since I last posted ! But I will try my best to keep updating ! I'm sure we've all heard of eyelash extensions, not the fake kind that you just stick on with glue but where a trained professional basically applies lash by lash carefully. Well recently I've found a place that offers colored eyelash extensions! I've been getting them done for a while now in Japan and they usually last about 2-4 weeks depending on how much you put. In the above picture I put in a combination of pink and purple extensions along with my usual black ones.

Especially with the Holidays coming up you can add a touch of color and be festive and fun!


I've only applied the extensions on the outer corners of my eye, and I didn't put too many so that it still looks natural. You can have fun with it and alternate colors and adjust the amount and length ! I think it's a great way to have fun with your look even if its subtle (and yes I'm wearing colored contacts). It's definitely something everyone can try, even those luckily born with full lashes, now have something new.


The colors that they offer are pink, purple, orange, yellow, red, and green. The place that I got mine done in Japan even offers graduation colors. I definitely hope that colored eyelash extensions would be offered at more places in the future . I think it's super cute and a great beauty ...not product.. umm.. technique? service? Either way I think it can be a great beauty/fashion statement

Tell me your guys thoughts ! What do you guys think? Would you be interested in trying ? or is this just another fad type thing?

Also I know its super late but I hope you guys had a great Halloween !

I know i did ! I was a flapper from the 20s ! Gatsby Inspired !


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