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Couture Crushin: JumpFromPaper 2D Handbags

Couture Crushin: JumpFromPaper 2D Handbags



Recently I have been obsessed with this brand called JumpFromPaper! It's a Taipei based brand that was founded recently in 2010 and have been garnering more and more media attention. I have been seeing it pop up all over my Instagram newsfeed, as it has been becoming a favorite among fashion bloggers (including myself, if I count).  The unique concept of this brand is focused around the creation of these 2-D handbags. They look 2-D from practically every angle, making it look like cartoon illustrations! It actually reminds me of abit of Harajuku style fashion/culture. Either way,  I found this so cute and fun! I immediately went on to their website and checked out their collections. They've recently launched their 2016 A/W Collection too, with backpacks perfect for back to school season.  You can also see all the fun looks and bloggers that are wearing it on their instagram  @jumpfrompaper!



They have a wide variety, from backpacks to clutches to shoulder bags and more. Now seeing that it looks two dimensional, doesn't mean it actually is. There is a zipper at the bottom you can unzip to create more room (as you can see in the above picture), and you can fit a sufficient amount of things inside, like your laptop (for the backpack), just like any other normal bag.


 I'm pretty excited to try this new fashion accessory out! I say fashion accessory, because it doesn't feel like I'm buying an actual handbag. It's a creative concept that embodies playfulness and imagination and I can't wait to see how this brand continues to evolve and hopefully come out with more creative designs.

Be on a lookout sometime in the future for an outfit post with my jumpfrompaper handbag! I'm excited to see what kind of twist/element it will add to my outfit!

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