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Couture Crushin: Wild Mantle Hooded Scarves

Couture Crushin: Wild Mantle Hooded Scarves


Have any of you heard of hooded-scarves? It's something I've never known and so when I can across this Wild Mantle I just thought it was such a innovative item. I've never been the type to wear hoodies. I guess it just didn't give off as much of a stylish vibe, and basically reminds me of college sweatshirts. I am a college student after all. But then, Wild Mantle combined the idea of a scarf and a hood into one stylish item. It's not only convenient but goes well with outfits. If you wear this item out, you'll be sure to be asked by friends "Oh my god, what is that?"


The day I did this shoot with the mantles, was a rainy day so it was honestly perfect weather for me to wear the mantle out. I had an umbrella but honestly, having the hood is enough.  I remember the first impression I really had when putting it on was how soft and comfortable it was. As their brand tagline says... it really does "feel like a hug."

I really wish more people could just try putting this mantle on. I swear you don't realize how nice it is until you actually try it on yourself.



I personally love the button detailing on the black one I wore but, I also love this red one, which also went really well with my outfit. They have more colors on the website, and not to mention Wild Mantle will be coming out with their Fall Go Wild Collection this month! They are currently having a Fall sale on Etsy, all their accessories are 50% off !

Just a little more details on the company itself, most of their mantles are made out of 100% Alpaca which is great for those hypoallergenic to wool. A lot of their material they use are organic and sustainable.

Not to mention, the founder and designer of Wild Mantle, Avi build this company through a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was only recently founded in early 2015 and I'm excited to see how much this company grows.

Can hooded-scarves be the next trend?




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