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CoutureCrush: Red Valentino Once Upon a Time 2014 Autumn Collection


Hey guys! I'm back to blogging on a weekly basis now for the most part and I am back with a new idea that I may start dong on a regular basis. I, of course love to do my usual outfit posts but I want to bring in more elements in to blog. I was thinking of doing posts called "couture crush" which fits in perfectly, as its the name of my blog. Once in a while I thought of reviewing new, unique collections that I am "crushing" on from different brands. My first one is Red Valentino's Fall/Autumn collection this year.

I'm absolutely loving the clutch in the above picture! Not to mention that little smirk on the model's face. It really works well don't you think?



Now if it isn't obvious already, it is a snow white fairytale theme. The use of apples, red and yellow, the fun background, not to mention the bow headband on the model which is consistent throughout the look book. Everything comes together really well and does a great job with sticking solidly to the theme. It's such a fun collection and I love the pop-art backgrounds which really bring out the character-like, fantasy theme.  It reminds me of  a Marvel comic book! It also has bright primary colors of blue, red, yellow, even for being a fall collection.



Even though the collection is more cute and playful it still does a good job of mixing in edgier, grunge time elements in some of the looks, like that leather jacket paired with oxfords or the oversized wool coat! I love that a lot of the pieces are wearable and practical even it being fairy tale like. I can definitely incorporate it into my wardrobe and everyday pieces, like that yellow pleated skirt or the green and red sweater below. Of course the pricing of Red Valentino isn't the most affordable, it still serves as a fun inspiration to play around with! Not to mention since I am watching the show Once Upon a Time I am in a fantasy mood myself.


If you want to see the full collection go to style.com and check it out!

What do you guys think? Would you like these kind of posts too? Level comments below and let me know please (:

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