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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

First Giveaway Post ! Cruciani Bracelets

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Its been over a year since I started this blog so I thought it was time to start a giveaway! But, my blogging reach or audience is still quite small and so in an effort to expand my blog and let more people participate in this giveaway I have decided to do it on the Penniless Socialite blog! Click here to enter the giveaway ! (:

So just a little bit more about the bracelets I am giving away. It is a really pretty mint or teal color from Cruciani which is an italian brand that got really popular the last few years. Everyone, including me, was wearing their bracelets and this particular set I have never worn at all and its brand new. The lock and heart set is great for sharing with someone to match with, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or just keep both for yourself!  I really hope you guys enter and enjoy !

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