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Irresistible Me Hair Extension Review

Irresistible Me Hair Extension Review


Today I'll be doing a review on hair extensions by irresistible me. I was lucky enough to be sent human hair extensions clip in from their Silky Touch collection. This is my first time ever using hair extensions so I was really excited to try it out. It was also perfect timing since after all that bleaching to my hair I had to cut off alot and my hair was on the shorter side.  They have 5 lengths and 3 weights to choose from and I got the color ash blonde and picked the 16'' length and 140g for the weight.  Just looking at the picture above, you can already tell how natural the clip in extensions are and I was so surprised by how well the color fit my hair color.

Definitely what first attracted me is that these extensions can be washed, heat styled, and colored! You can basically do anything you would to your natural hair to these extensions. Now on to my experience of using them.


This is what the packaging of the hair looks like. It comes in a net and the 140g weight comes with a total of eight clip in pieces. 1 piece with 4 clips, 3 pieces with 3 clips, 2 pieces with 2 clips, and 2 pieces with 1 clip.



On right side of the package comes 1 piece with 3 clips packaged separated. I thought this was really nice so that if you order and the color doesn't match or the length isn't what you wanted you can look at this separate piece without opening the entire package. So there is no need to worry even if you are iffy about ordering extensions online.



This is a closer look at one of the extension pieces and the hair clips.


Since this was the first time experiencing extensions, I definitely did have to get used to it. There is an easy to follow instructional video on Irresistible Me's website. Even watching the video, I did have to adjust and re-do the extensions 2-3 times before getting the hang of it and to get it just right. I got the 140g but I feel like 100g could have totally been enough for me. My hair is decently thick already, so I didn't feel the need to use all 8 pieces that came with the set. I think I would use all 8 and go for a fuller look on special occasions but for everyday wear I would opt for just 6 pieces.

The clips don't pull or tug on your hair when taking them out and it comes out very smoothly which I love. The extensions were indeed very silky and soft, fitting of their "silky touch" collection. I recently dyed my hair so I'm thinking of dying the extensions and see how that goes.

I also recently wore the extensions out on a very hot day and that didn't go that well. I was sweaty, especially from all that extra hair, and the extensions got really tangled, and overall wasn't pleasant, so I ended up taking them out. I think wearing them on cooler days or days where you're not out and about in the sun all day would be preferable. Also, I recommend to brush your hair and the extensions separately. Make sure to brush the extensions well, because I've tried brushing them after I had clipped them in, and it does pull/move the clips around, so you just have to be a bit more careful.

Overall I think if you're someone looking to try out extensions for the first time Irresistible Me would make a good choice. It's easy and customizable with their many collections, lengths, weight and colors. If you want to know more go to their videos section on their website and there are links to many youtube gurus reviewing/testing them as well.

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