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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

A Little Lace


I kept this outfit nice and simple since I thought that the dress itself added enough to the outfit. Its a dress from Free People and keeping it flow-y its definitely a more boho feeling outfit. I'm not that crazy about boho style personally but I loved the dress when I bought it. The color and the lace detailing drew me in for sure.


I usually add a belt to the dress instead of wearing it loose fitted but for some reason the day I shot the pictures I didn't feel like it. I would say it looks good with or without the belt but it makes a pretty big difference by changing the feel and style. Adding the belt gives a more polished look but the flowy look is more casual.


For the bag I went with this pale pink bag, I felt like I wanted to add some pop of color since my shoes and dress are both dark burgundy red. It keeps it feeling bright and summer-y!


Not sure what I was trying to do or say in this picture ? Looks like I was in mid sentence or something, oh well ^^


So one more exciting thing to tell you guys is that I'm actually selling this dress ! On Poshmark !

I just recently made an account because while I was on my New York trip (I'm going to Boston tomorrow!) I realized I had way too many clothes and I wanted to get rid of some. A lot of my stuff are still in good condition so I didn't want to just give it away or throw it away and then found poshmark. If any of you have one you can find my account @couturecrushrei . I only have 3 items listed right now but I'm going to have tons and tons posted once I get back to Hawaii next week.

I'm also thinking of doing another giveaway (last time was on a different blog) either on this blog or as a sponsor on another blog either way but I wanted to have ideas on what you guys are interested in to be given away. Beauty products? Clothes? Accessories? Leave comments below!

The Little Striped Dress