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The Little Striped Dress


Sorry for posting late! I just got back yesterday from New York and I was really tired. So many colleges so many decisions ahhhh. I wish I could just continue everyday styling outfits to blog about...anyway back to the actually topic...



I am in love with this dress so much! It's not often that you see a dress with so many elements that you like. First of all the color combination caught my eye. With the stripes and the blue it kind of gives off a nautical type of feel but then boom pair it with yellow and it creates something completely different! Maybe you guys think I'm exaggerating but the mustard yellow and royal blue stripes just look great together! Who knew right ?



Besides the colors I love how the dress comes in at the waist and flounces out (oooh flounce I like that word). It makes it so fun and playful in addition to the already playful colors. When I was wearing it I was constantly spinning around because I liked the way the dress would twirl, kinda like a dancer's skirt!


Now its time to talk about the handbag! Its a handbag from Angela and Roi that I have been constantly using and loving for a couple months now. It was not sponsored but I was approached by the brand and they asked me if I was willing to spread the word about their brand. I took a look and loved the bag design so I bought it on my own (again its no sponsored I used my own money!).

The best part of Angela and Roi is that their concept is fashion meets philanthropy with each of their handbag colors representing different causes such as lung cancer and diabetes. Five dollars of each purchase goes to that specific cause depending on the color you choose and they even use vegan leather!


The Celine inspired winged out shape is my favorite part of the bag. It looks classy and not to mention it both is and looks high quality! I've actually gotten quite a few compliments on the bag and people are always surprised to find out that its not from any big name luxury brand. So far using it multiple times its still in good condition, the shape holds up and the leather is not easily dirtied so mine still looks pretty new. I honestly do recommend you guys check it out! There's more styles and more colors available!

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