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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

My Top Three Online Obsessions and Brands

Before I start I just want to let you guys know that I am not sponsored nor affiliated with any of these websites/brands. It's all my 100% honest opinion and they are really just the websites that I like to shop from!

1. StyleNanda stylenandaen.com

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I know I mentioned this shop in an earlier post before here but I can't lie and this has got to be my top online obsession. I live in a boarding school so i don't get to do much shopping so online shops are my only means of shopping! This is a Korean based brand, but the best part is they make it so accessible to customers of all different countries. If you go on their website they make it so you can change the currency and language from Korean to Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and English! It doesn't even feel like you're shopping on an international website at all.  Best of all, all the things I've ordered from there I have them shipped to Hawaii and the shipping is only $10, and always arrives within one week. They even accept paypal making check out even faster.

Now besides the benefits of shipping and costs, of course the main purpose of shopping there is for their products. The style is unique and different from western style and even Japanese style. Most things are loose fitted and they have a range from casual to party dresses, from sporty and edgy to girly with lace.

2. Runway Bandits http://www.runwaybandits.com/

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This brand might be more well known but I discovered it earlier in 2013 and I bookmarked it right away! The simple designs and vintage pieces had me keep coming back and now its 2014 and this brand is getting more and more popular. Most popular items sell out within the day with many items getting backorders! But it's worth the wait and the small selection of pieces makes it pretty easy to navigate and find specific items that you like.

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They're even starting to do collabs with popular bloggers like Chloe Ting (I love/follow her blog, check it out if you haven't heard of her!). With more bloggers /style icons taking attention to this brand (I've also seen Jenn Im wearing some items from this brand too)  I think it's safe to say you can trust this brand's quality and style.

3. Jewelmint jewelmint.com

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If you're looking for some trendy and reasonably priced jewelry you should definitely check out Jewelmint. I've been buying most of my jewelry from jewelmint since 2012 and basically they offer a large collection of all different kinds of jewelry for $29.99 a month.They even have "collectives" where they collaborate with special designers. They add new selections monthly and you pick your favorite piece and they will ship it to you with free shipping. Even with the membership you are not obligated to pay every month. If one month you don't have a piece of jewelry you like you simply skip the month and you won't be charged. Even if you are, you get credits (one credit is 29.99) and you can save it up and use it later if you want. These credits that you receive from the membership can be spent on any of the "mint" websites! Besides Jewelmint they have Stylemint, Shoemint, Intimint (Lingerie), Homemint (Interior) and even Beautymint ! I mainly use Shoemint and Jewelmint but the others are also worth checking out! Its extremely versatile with so many options and that's why I love it.

Also see those pair of blue heels below ? I bought those recently so you'll definitely be seeing those in an outfit post soon!

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.59.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.06.09 AM

 Lastly, this is kind of totally unrelated but I just bought some new Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I'm super excited about and I just had to share it on the blog. I mean where else could I share my extreme excitement for these ! I'm not going to show you the shoes yet since they'll be shown in my outfit posts soon but lets just say they're perfect for summer !

I mean how cute are these boxes?!



Here's a little sneak peak of one of the shoes! And sorry for the pictures not being as good quality....I just used my phone for a quick snapshot!


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