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Navy and Plaid: The Three Way Jacket

522153_4441433487074_1395945450_n I just love combining the colors navy blue and red ! It's one of my more often color combinations, and when plaid/check skirts come in even better ! I love trying out the whole school girl type of style or I guess it could be called a trend too. The navy blue crop jacket I'm wearing is actually a three way jacket that can be worn in three different ways ! (from juicy couture). How, you ask ?


Basically in this picture above, this is the full jacket and what it looks like, and in the first picture, I was only wearing the "sleeves" part of the jacket, wearing it in the cropped jacket style. I love the cuff links and the buttons on this jacket, as well as the belt at the bottom. It's just full of things you can play around with to achieve different styles.


Now I took off the sleeves only, making this jacket no longer a jacket, and now it's basically a vest. This is what I meant by three looks that you can get. I just fell in love with this concept , and it's a great way to many different looks ! You can easily just throw this on with some jeans too and  especially because I live in Hawaii it's hard to wear a jacket like this often, but now I can just take off the sleeves and use it as a vest on hot days .


This is a closer look at the vest/jacket. Out of the three looks which style would you wear ?


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