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Obsession with Braids and Summer Hairstyles


Well we are well into summer and with no school and all I obviously have a lot more time on my hands in the mornings than usual. This has led me to my obsession with braids. Now let me tell you I have never been good at doing my own hair, other people's no problem but never my own. One of the hardest things for me to do was french braid ! I never understood how to do them and when I tried I failed...really badly. But I'm glad to announce I think I have mastered it pretty well !

There are about three hairstyles involving braids that are super cute and easy to do and I've been loving them and have been doing these hairstyles on almost a daily basis !


This is the first hairstyle and this is what it looks like from the front. Its a bohemian style braid and you basically just  half-french braid each side and as you can see from the picture you don't pin it (although you can) but you tie it with an elastic, and this tying is what gives it a more cute and...unique? look. The picture at the ver top is this hairstyle from the back.

IMGP1015.jpg This is the braid from the side, you're actually making two half french braids, one at the top and one right under it and then just tying those two together. At first it seems a little complicated but it's definitely do able ! I got the hairstyle from this hair tutorial I found on youtube so try it out ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9GGSNI6FCo I think she does it much better than me !


Here is just another pic of the hairstyle at a different angle ! Okay so moving on to the second hairstyle that I have also been loving. The second was is basically like an alteration of the first hairstyle that I just kind of.. made up.

IMGP1065Its basically a half french braid, same as the first hairstyle but you only do one braid on each side instead of two I also braided in my bangs which I didn't do in the first one. This one's great if you want to do something with your hair but have less time and since it's been really hot having my bangs out of my face is pretty refreshing .


This is what the braid looks like on one side and below is the braid where my bangs are braided in as well.


Below is a picture of me from today when I wore this hairstyle ! I went to a "omatsuri" which is a japanese summer festival (they also have if of course other seasons not just summer) where I wore the summer traditional clothing "yukata" ! What I love is that the hairstyle looks complicated and is one that gets many compliments !...if they only knew how simply it really was !


I've always thought that braids are just a must for spring and summer hairstyles ! and that's why I decided to share my favorite ones with you all. The last hairstyle that I have been using a lot is just a simply french braid of just one side pinned to the back. This one is probably the simplest of them all



Pinning one side back always give it a more sophisticated or elegant style, making it a little different from the first two hairstyles and that's why I like this one as well . Which one is your favorite ? and Have you tried any new braided hairstyles this summer?


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