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Plaid and Pink and Mool Gyul Waves

Plaid and Pink and Mool Gyul Waves



Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's been literally a whole month since I last posted! I'm falling so behind and I was just preparing for college that I put my blog to the side. But finally I found some time and I will start posting again. It's been a while since my last outfit post and now that it's April it's definitely time to start preparing the spring wardrobe!


Perfect for spring, pastels are always a must, like this pastel pink sweater I'm wearing. It's a bit of an oversized style as it's not fitted, but that's what makes it super comfortable. It also provides a good balance with my fitted turtle neck top and skirt. I also used it as a way to brighten up my outfit and contrast with the black along with the red bag for a pop of color



Aside from the outfit I've recently been obsessed with this hairstyle. I just have been loving these type of waves. It's similar to the mermaid waves or beach waves except the one difference is that it is not meant to be a "messy" look. Instead it creates an elegant and feminine feel, which I really love. This hairstyle is called the korean mool gyul waves and it's been really popular lately among :orean celebrities. I've seen it in magazines and tv which is how I first came across it.


The only difficulty with this is that it's hard to create this hairstyle perfectly, or just right. The easiest method may be using a hair straightener as there are many youtube tutorials for it but I find that it doesn't create a "flowy" feel. How I did the hair above is I fresh braided half of my hair to create the waves from the roots but used the straightener to create the waves for the longer bottom half of my hair. Hopefully in the future I can find easier non heat ways for this hairstyle.

If any one you like this hairstyle or know different ways to create it or want me to do a tutorial let me know!

Gingham and Plaid

Gingham and Plaid

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