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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

Pretty in ...Shades of Pink and Puffy Sleeves


When I saw this top I was instantly drawn to it and it caught my eye almost immediately. Why? Probably because the dainty and elegant feel that it has, given off by the soft white puffy sleeves and this unique grayish pink. I just love puffy sleeves, it's something that not everyone loves or wears that much but I think it's a classic style/detail that can add something unique. It's feminine and I find it adorable ! What do you think of puffy sleeves? Do you think it would come back anytime soon?


In this outfit as you can see, I put together different shades, mainly shades of pink. The crop top I have on is a shade of pink but one that's hard to describe or exactly pin point. Then it got me thinking.. what kind of pink is it really ? Well.. it's actually more of a lavender called "english lavender" it's also kind of similar to "silver pink" or "pastel pink". I looked it up on google and didn't realize how many types of just one color there are! It just gets you thinking on the endless amounts of coordinations and outfits you can put together rather than the same old "this is a pink dress" kind of thing.

Aside from colors, the top I'm wearing is something I got in Europe when crop tops were trending there, but for being a "crop top" It's not something you could really wear without a tank or something underneath. But it allows you to layer and wear in different styles which is something that's always great about any piece. The puffed sleeves gives it a more classic and chic look, and I personally chose to pair it with a skirt but you can definitely pair it with jeans for a more casual look. I also love the black bow detailing on the side, don't you?


I paired my outfit with this little coral pink clutch. I just find it adorable and I love the clasp. Makes it more fun doesn't it?


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