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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!



Sorry for being a bit late on the post ! I'm still jet lagged from the time difference between Japan and New York ! It's like a 13 hour time difference. I thought I would get used to it by now as its already been a week but I guess not! Although it's already the end of July (so sad!) it's still as hot as my outfits are still summery (is that even a word? probably not). As you can guess from the title this look is a romantic feminine look with the pink dress and pale pink shoes.


I just really love this corset/bustier dress. I actually got this dress from Victoria's Secret years and years ago, way back in middle school! But hey it still fits! What I also like is that the look is not too girly and soft. I added a bit of an edge to it by pairing it with a black headband and black bag to contrast with the pink.


Here's a bit of a closeup. The headband is a wrap around type where you tie it at the top of your head. It's hard to see from this picture but when you tie it (double knot) the ends stand up or stick out and it looks like bunny ears! Super girly and cute. I made it so that it doesn't but wearing it like so is super popular in Japan especially during the summer season.

Magazine Vivi Aug 2013-Cover

t's basically like headband the girl is wearing above. This is from a cover of my favorite Japanese magazine ViVi!



I also added this cute bow cuff to go along with the romantic/girly kind of theme with this outfit. That and I just love bows in general. I definitely think this could be a nice lunch date with your friends type of outfit or a literal date either way !


I hope you all are enjoying your summer as August approaches ! (oh no) For me it really feels to be somewhere other than Japan or Hawaii. I can't believe I'm in New York. But coming from Japan it seems so much dirtier... the air the subways..no offense to New Yorkers! Nevertheless I'm still enjoying it, there's so many different stores and shops that I would never find anywhere else, like the all the juiceries, delis, cronuts etc etc.

If anyone lives in New York tell me where I should check out!

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