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The Rose Look


I'm officially sad that summer is coming to an end ! It's already Labor day weekend which practically marks the end of summer for me. School has already started and I'm going to be so busy that I hope I can keep up with my blogging! Anyway for the outfit, I just love the peachy pink rose colored blouse I'm wearing. I usually don't wear a loose full looking top (but I do love the ruffled sleeves!) with a full skirt but for some reason I felt like I could pull it off in this outfit without looking like I have no shape.


Now lets talk about the skirt. I actually discovered this small new brand that I have been loving, like I feel like its a brand no one has heard of but I found it on lookbook! I think the model or owner/designer of the brand was posting looks of their clothes and that's how I found it. Its http://www.shalex.net/ if anyone wants to take a look! I really loved the design of the roses paired with the pale brown leaves. It's still a floral skirt without being too busy or super colorful!


I just wanted to add in this picture because I don't know exactly what I'm doing but its like a "wait stop" caught in the moment shot and I actually kinda like it so I just had to put it up


I also felt like with the pair of oversized sunglasses (from Stylenanda) and the pale pastel colors, If I had paired the outfit with a geometric skirt of somesort instead it would give off a mod style feel don't you think ? I don't know but mod is definitely a huge trend that I have been seeing all over magazines for this fall 2014 A/W collection so that's something I really really have been wanting to play around with ! I'm sure I'll do a post on it later on. It would be really cool to see how I can recreate a modern mod look!


Just a heads up, now that I am back in school it going to be harder for me to post outfits so the next few months I'll be doing more of beauty/trend/how-to related posts !

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