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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

Summer Bows


Can you tell yet why I called this post summer bows ? Well.. it's summer aaaand If you haven't found the bow yet it's in fact on the brown belt ! I am the type of girl who loves bows and of course colorful and bright colors , but I think it's pretty rare to find a bow belt like the one I'm wearing. You wrap it around your waist and tie a bow in the front to secure it. Pretty neat right ?


See how it's tied ? I have been seeing these belts lately, well, at least in Japan since the whole girly and "kawaii" style is basically everywhere, every store! which makes it a little hard for me to pick out trends I enjoy personally but glad to have found this belt !

What do you think ? It's a little more fun than the usual belt and definitely easy to adjust


If you haven't noticed already my outfit is very summer-y already with the bright colored florals, which I love and you will probably be seeing me incorporate that into many of my outfits. I decided to keep things simple up top with just a white tank top that way I can keep the focus on one part. Even if it's summer, a outfit that's too busy is just not good!

Summer is also extremely hot, even in Tokyo hotter than where I normally am (Hawaii), so I mostly stick to skirts/dresses, even shorts being tight and all are not too comfortable if sweaty !


Also If you haven't noticed my orange bag yet, it's the same one from my first post on this blog. It's not that I love love the color orange , but it has been a trendy color when it comes to spring/summer so it's one of my essentials. But this year the mint green color is getting some attention, I'm sure you've noticed ! I've been searching for mint items for my outfits maybe It'll be in a post soon.


These shoes can really give a pop of color to any outfit, although my skirt is already pretty colorful. I was going to go with red shoes but I thought that would make it a little distracting seeing that I have an orange bag ! Or should I have toned it down with some brown type shoes ? hmmm..


In the closer up picture above you can also see I'm wearing a simple, small necklace. Although because my outfit here doesn't need a statement necklace, I don't wear big necklaces during the summer. I like to keep it light and...dainty? I dont know about you guys but It's too hot to deal with big or chunky type necklaces.

Thanks for reading!

Please if there's any suggestions on what I can improve on or what kind of things I should write about or incorporate more into my posts just let me know, as I am still a beginner blogger !

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