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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

Sunflower Love

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So I've been loving this skirt lately. I just adore the color combination and it just reminds me of flowers and meadows and sunflowers! I could've gone the whole outfit with bright colors all the way but decided to do something different and went with a simple black tank top. It gives a little different feel to the outfit. It definitely helps keep the focus on my printed skirt too.  But of course it would look just as cute with white or blue or yellow top.

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The combination of orange and yellow helps pull the outfit together , although in this specific picture, because of the lighting my skirt looks rather white. What I love about floral prints that have different colors is that you can mix and match it easily. I went with orange but you could just as easily play with other colors too so the look never gets old .

I really dislike having pieces of clothing that you know you can only match it with that one color or one top or one bag.


See, this skirt just screams Spring and Summer! It like a silky material so it's light and easy to wear. As you can also see it's a pleated skirt which helps give you a more polish look. Also the detailing  from far it looks just like flowers but close up it's almost as if it were blotches of paint .

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