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Teardrop Trend: Cute Under Eyebags

644186_4416884833373_2006561012_n Have any of you heard Etude House's tear drop liner ? It's basically glitter eyeliner that is primarily used for your under eye area. Now why is this a trend ? Well, this makeup product is suppose to give you the "puffy eyes" look , as in under eye bags ! I know in America under eye bags is the last thing anyone every wants but in Asia, especially in Korea it's a huge trend ! I think it started one or two years ago and it's still in hype!  It's seen as cute and youthful, making in popular for younger generations, including many celebrities. See what I mean by "cute" ?



But for me, I don't use the tear drop liner to really create "puffy eyes" , putting the eyeliner under my eyes really open up my eyes and it's a great suggestion to do if you feel lazy because just a swipe of this stuff and it makes difference ! My friend bought it for me and I've been using it almost every day since!


What do you guys think of this trend ?


I really love the look that it gives me ! I mean you know when people do makeup, they almost always tell you to highlight your tear ducts or the inner corners of your eyes ? Well, for me thats not enough to brighten up my eyes, since I'm asian >_< so instead I can just swipe this stuff on to me whole under eye area  !


This is basically it just close up ! and below is a picture from farther away

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