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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

The Small Details


I am so glad that it's friday ! I just got done with two of my AP exams and I have two left to go and then I'm done ! It will finally be summer for me, so for next week's post maybe I will do a hair tutorial type thing? (Like my cat ears hairstyle post)

Anyway if you guys haven't noticed, I already wore the skirt above in another style in an earlier outfit post, I often like mixing and matching a lot so you guys might notice that I may wear the same piece of clothing couple of times and post it. What's great about this skirt is that the material is a little bit thicker so I can wear it during colder seasons with tights but It's versatile enough to wear it during spring and summer too (if it's not too too hot).


I paired it with a pair of red shoes to incorporate more colors and add a contrasting element to the outfit. I really don't like being "matchy-matchy" which is what I call when you have a common color from head to toe. I remember when I was young I always thought having good fashion sense meant having your outfit "match" like a blue top will go with a blue skirt or something, obviously now I know better !


So the main point of this outfit is the collared top! I just fell in love with the details and the color scheme of it. Not only does the top have polka dots but also the collar is navy with gold (In the picture it doesn't look as gold but it is) It a really nice combination that definitely makes it stand out! Its a floral design but because of the colors it actually reminds me of a baroque-esque style.

I would definitely want to do another outfit post with this top but I want to pair it with something like yellow that's not too bright to go with the gold


I was just fooling around jumping back and forth while taking the pictures and basically this is what happened so I thought it was a fun picture to share!

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Time for florals

Prim and Polished