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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

Time for florals

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I finished all my testing and school and now it's official summer for me! Of course I still have a lot of studying to do but I would never give up fashion or blogging for it! It feels good to be able to use bright colors and florals more and more as it gets into the summer months. The floral skirt really pops out and it's pretty eye catching isn't it? But to even it out I used a simple and calm sleeveless blouse on top. But even the simple blouse has great ruffle details giving off a more feminine feel.

2022-02-03 03.25.14.jpg

(Yes my face is blurred out, it's because of the settings so that it only focused on a certain point)

The really great thing about clothing items that have so many colors in it, like my skirt above is that it allows you to use all those different colors for the rest of your outfit, like my yellow headband and orange bag with my brown shoes and neutral blouse. I don't need to just stick to one color. There's so much mixing and matching to be done!

Next week I'll finally be back in Japan and I can start shooting more outfits so please keep checking back every Friday/Saturday!

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

The Small Details