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Trending Flash Tattoos: A New Beach Accessory

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I'm not sure if any of you have heard of flash tattoos but they are something I've been seeing everywhere, well at least where I live. I've tried it out for myself (in the above picture!). It's been a couple months since I've seen this trending but I still decided its not too late to blog about it and just introduce it to those who haven't seen these around. Flash tattoos are basically just tattoos. Remember those fake easy to apply tattoos that I'm sure all of us as kids would put on? It's exactly that. You apply it by sticking them onto your skin by dabbing water and they last for about a week (well depending on how hard you scrub at it or scratch it etc).



The main attraction of these "tattoos" are the metallic, gold and silver aspect of it that make them reflect in the sunlight. This is because the tattoos are jewelry inspired and thus, makes for a great accessory for pretty much anyone. What makes it extremely trendy here in Hawaii is the fact that everyone who goes to the beach can flaunt these flash tattoos in their bikinis and basically take cool instagram pictures (at least for people my age) But, you've got to admit looking at the above picture the contrast looks gorgeous and the designs are detailed and intricate that it does look pretty cool right?


There's also many designs ranging from simple, modern, clean styles, geometric or tribal, bohemian, to even some designs like the one in the picture above. These designs, paired with the reflective, shiny look make it a great fashion statement accessory and I would say it's worth trying. I could see flash tattoos fitting many different occasions, from the beach or pool to concerts and parties (I could imagine seeing these everywhere at music festivals like Coachella!) It's a little hard to imagine these for occasions high class dinner parties but other than that there's many ways to mix and match the designs to fit the occasion.



You can mostly get these at http://www.flashtat.com/ !

Are these popular in your area too?


Cozy & Chic

For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! While we're all laying around the house waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven, or rooting for their favorite dog to win the National Dog Show, or rooting for their favorite football team, or playing Just Dance on the Wii, just because we're getting cozy today doesn't mean we're not chic. Cozy up to this week's roundup and have a wonderful day!

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