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Want to be Queen B


 Do you like my post title ? It's pretty catchy isn't it ? and it rhymes too! Basically this outfit is heavily inspired by Blair Waldorf or Queen B from Gossip girl. I'm a huge huge huge fan of her, the show, their fashion everything! I basically fangirl every time I meet someone who is into the show just as much as I am! If you guys don't know Blair then I suggest you go watch the show.. like right now!

Seriously Blair has impeccably style and it makes me want to copy almost every outfit (without losing my own sense of style of course).



Not exactly the Met steps in New York but hey, I tried


What I really love about this dress is that it's really versatile. You could but a bandeau under it for more of a summer-y look or a tank top, crop top, shirts, lots of options!

Here I went for that school girl type look with a white blouse. Then I realized it looked a bit plain so then I used a ribbon from a different shirt I had and tied it into a tie and just tucked it in and voila!


The headband was the most blair inspired since she actually did wear a yellow headband with a navy school girl type of outfit in the show and pairing the outfit with a red bag to top it off.. well I didn't wanna look too red white and blue you know ? So I thew in a dark green bag to go with it !


Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer ! Comments always make me happy (even if I don't always reply, sorry! I'm working on that) so comment comment comment and send me emails too! I would love to make blogger friends or just meet fashion or Gossip Girl fans! (:

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