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Welcome to my blog. I share my experiences in being a 5ft tall Japanese-American with a love for fashion! Hope you enjoy!

White on White


Okay so if you've noticed the background is pretty different from the usual and that is because I found this wonderful new spot! It's in Omotesando area and at the very top floor of a shopping center called Tokyu Plaza. It looked so chic and trendy and very modern, abit garden-y type of outside area with lots of people stylishly sipping on coffee,  I just felt like It really went with my outfit. It wasn't the best shooting time of the day as it was late afternoon but I still managed to get decent lighting I think.


I usually don't wear white, I am actually not too fond of the color but recently I've been kinda more open to it. Maybe it's because it's hot and its summer but either way I'll try to be incorporating more white. I'm also into like matching set outfits these days. Its really really super popular in Japan. I swear every store they always sell things in sets, as in matching pattern top and bottom or they basically have an outfit put together for you as a set with a discounted price. I've never seen this kind of marketing/sales in America but I don't know its usually a pretty good deal.


Every time I wear white I always feel it's so sophisticated and classy or ladylike and thats why I kept this outfit simple. As you can see I used more pastel or muted colors with my light blue bag and taupe-ish heels. Speaking of my shoes they are my favorite pair right now! The taupe brown color is a great neutral color that really can go with a lot of my outfits and the best part are that they are so comfy! They're pretty high and chunky heels but they don't make my feet tired and the material is suede and super nice.



Due to the lack of eye popping bright colors in this outfit I accessorized with my favorite pair of sunglasses! It just fit perfectly on my face and it has nose pads so it doesn't fall down like a lot of sunglasses usually do, due to my flat nose...and It's summer so I wear sunglasses all the time. I've always liked how it always made me feel cool like a celebrity or something, hehe childish I know but ..it's true.

I really can't believe it's already nearly the end of July! Time is going by way too fast.

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